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Call for Anti-Columbus Day Protests

Anonymous Comrade writes: For the first time since Seattle, an action of international scale is
being not just *joined* by communities of color but actually
organized by them. This time the target is not a meeting of an agency
such as the WTO or the IMF but the very legacy and historical
processes that have brought us globalization.
In opposing all celebrations of Columbus and Columbus Day we are
opposing the very foundation of globalization, both in its historical
and current manifestations.

While our current incarnation of the anti-globalization movement may
be new, the struggle against globalization is not. The Indigenous
People of the Western Hemishere have been organizing and
fighting against Capitalist Globalization,
not for months and years but for decades and centuries.

Now the Native American and Chicano activists and communities call on
all people of conscience to join us, in body and spirit, those four
days October 5-8th in actively stopping and reversing the Columbus
legacy by protecting and affirming all that is beautiful in humanity
and the earth.

You have been debating why we have not joined you, now we ask you to join us.

Besides the general invite we are looking for both trained StreetMedics
and those who wish to be trained as StreetMedics.