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abh writes "I meant to post this earlier, but didn't:

What follows is the first installment of a continuation of journals on using GNU/Linux that the Low-Income Networking and Communications (LINC) Project of the Welfare Law Center released in the spring of 2002. LINC will continue to release daily journals over the next week documenting our progress on using Free Software on the desktop. The rest of these journals will be released on LINC Hot News. To receive the rest of the journals as they are released, please subscribe to LINC Hot News at http://lincproject.dyndns.org/mailman/listinfo/lin c-hot-news. The journals are also available on the LINC Project Website at http://www.lincproject.org/toolkit/linux.

1stpulse writes "The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies

2-day conference at The New School, NYC: Friday and Saturday, May 2-3

Participants and schedule:

http://www.firstpulseprojects.net/bombproject/futu re_of_war.html


The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies is a two-day
conference that examines the increasingly complex crosstalk between the military, the entertainment industry, the media, artists, and computer scientists. It looks at war, not simply as a utilitarian means to an end, or within the more familiar political and strategic accounts of it, but as a cultural process involving particular ways of seeing, picturing, narrating and imagining--from the architectural spaces of war and violence (both physical and virtual), to the cinematic language of combat films and reality-based military television; from first-person shooter Internet gaming and military simulations, to the computer and installation work of artists. Presented by Thundergulch, the new media initiative of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School; the World Policy Institute, New School University; and the Computer Instruction Center at The New School."

hydrarchist writes

"Let's think about something else just for a little and not war, the propaganda, the pulverization of ethics, the despair..... Think of the new, the hopeful.... think about Free and Open Source Software and whether washing machines can be produced on a similar model, and whether it even matters."

The Two Economies

Graham Seaman

Or: Why the washing machine question is the wrong question


Within capitalism, material goods are typically made:

o by people working for a wage

o for others who own the means of production

o in order to create profit

o by selling the product

The co-ordination between producers is indirect, through the market,
using money as a signalling mechanism.

Production of free software and other free goods can be contrasted
point by point with this list; non-material goods can be produced by

o working because they chose to

o using their own means of production

o in order to create something useful or pleasurable

o which anyone can use

The co-ordination between producers is direct, mediated only by

mobiustrip44 writes "the ap reports today that a group of israeli peace activists were distributing mystical literature to jews and palestinians on the jerusalem/ramallah border in hopes of triggering a spiritual resolution to the ongoing israeli/arab conflict. among the activists were jews and christians, but primarily they were members of a fringe islamic sect known as the druzes.

BlueLock writes

March 20th, 2003 @ 5:46PM EST
New York, NY (AP): National Infrastructure Protection Center, a division of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, today announced the apprehension and arrest of Reid Lauring, known
on the Internet under the hacker alias: digitron.

Sources say the FBI have made this
arrest in connection with a recent computer intrusion of Harvard University's Bio-Chemical
Department computers, in which sensitive biological and chemical data was stolen and is
believed to have been sold to a unknown third party.

FBI sources also say they are currently pursuing the investigation and arrest of another
hacker, Akael Sahir Rhamaan, who also goes by the hacker alias: Osek. They say he is not
connected with any terrorist organizations, however they believe he is the ringleader in
these attacks.
In an interview with George Marshoff, a Public Relations Representative of Harvard
University, he said the data is highly sensitive and could be used to create chemical and
biological weapons if fallen into the wrong hands.

Louis Lingg writes:
"The National Defense University has posted on its website the text of Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance, published in 1996 and written by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade with L.A. "Bud" Edney, Fred M. Franks, Charles A. Horner, Jonathan T. Howe, and Keith Brendley.

An excerpt from the book's Prologue:

Since before Sun Tzu and the earliest chroniclers of war recorded their observations, strategists

and generals have been tantalized and confounded by the elusive goal of destroying the adversary's

will to resist before, during, and after battle. Today, we believe that an unusual opportunity exists to

determine whether or not this long-sought strategic goal of affecting the will, understanding, and

perception of an adversary can be brought closer to fruition. Even if this task cannot be

accomplished, we believe that, at the very minimum, such an effort will enhance and improve the

ability of our military forces to carry out their missions more successfully through identifying and

reinforcing particular points of leverage in the conflict and by identifying and creating additional

options and choices for employing our forces more effectively.

First International Mobile IPR Workshop

Rights Management of Information Products on the Mobile Internet

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT

August Wednesday 27 - Thursday 28, 2003

Helsinki, Finland


MobileIPR Workshop welcomes papers on all aspects of rights management

related to information products such as music, electronic books, videos,

multimedia, games, or software distributed on the Mobile Internet

commercially or otherwise.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"Little Sister 2003

Community Resistance, Security, Law and Technology"

May 9-11, 2003

Vancouver, British Columbia (Coast Salish Territory)

Martime Labour Centre

The Goal is Freedom:

We believe our greatest strength in defeating the security and legal

maneuvers used against us as community organizers is by unifying and

building common cause in our movements. This means building diverse

coalitions who are willing to support each other in order to create safe

spaces for oppposition to the policies and practices of governments and

corporations. Ultimately, as organizers, our goal is to resist the

injustices that our communities face, while retaining our physical and

emotional freedom.

gnat writes

"The website for the Committee for theLiberation of Iraq (CLI), a Washington insider group lobbying for war with Iraq, has had their website hacked! (See links at bottom for more information.)

It seems like the DNS has been somehow rerouted to www.salam2u.com rather than www.liberationiraq.org. The code that's doing is impressive too. It actually jumps you out of a google cache page, back to salam2u.

See for yourself


and the google cache: www.liberationiraq.org/+committee+liberation+iraq& hl=en&ie=UTF-8

Autonomous Geek writes "The POI (POSIX Organizing Initiative) in Portland, OR is putting out this draft conference call to gather interested parties and supporters together to plan the Portland Oregon Social Information Xchange for June, 2003.

What we would like you to do is read the preliminary ideas we have put

together, and let us know if you are interested in helping us organize

this conference, speaking at it, providing training or anything else.


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