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"Enter the Swarm: Anonymous and the Global Protest Movements"
Felix Stalder

In the course of just one year, using the identity “Anonymous,” highly
efficient digital attacks have been carried out against global
corporations and national governments. All in the name of freedom
of speech and social justice. The media coverage has done little
to clarify the events, rather, contradictory characterizations of
Anonymous have been espoused, ranging from an elite hacker conspiracy,
to a loose network of ignorant teenagers, from a major cyber-terrorist
threat to a mere nuisance driven by sophomoric humor. None of these
characterizations is entirely incorrect, because each captures some
fragments of the phenomenon, but they all miss the central element of
Anonymous, namely that it is not one, but many, and that it is not a
group or a network, but a swarm, or to be correct, multiple swarms
that feed off each other.

The Creative Commons is to Free Culture what Shareware is to Free Software
Dmyri Kleiner

Back in the early days of computers proprietary software developers
had a problem. Often working from home or small-offices, far removed
from their potential customers, there was no easy way to sell software
to their customers. One common way was to use classified adds in
computer magazines, but unless a software title was very well known,
it was difficult to convince customers to pay for it before they had
the opportunity to try it and verify that it does what they need it

Yet, the very emerging of computers had the solution embedded into the
very technology, users where already distributing software on their
own, by way of exchanging floppy disks, uploading software to Bulletin
Board Systems or Online Services, or even printing out source code so
that others could rekey it on their own computer.

Apple Loses Big in DRM Ruling: Jailbreaks Are "Fair Use" Nate Anderson, arstechnica.com

Jailbreaking Your iPhone: Now Perfectly Legal Josh Levy, FreePress.net

The Library of Congress made a big, unexpected decision today, announcing that users who unlock or jailbreak their mobile phones are within the legal clear — they're not violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It's a big win for openness.

This decision is a first step toward opening up wireless networks and releasing the stranglehold that companies have on consumers who, until now, were legally restricted from doing whatever they want to their phones.

Surveillance Camera Players in Brazil

Contra Ordem E Progresso surveillance camera players in Brazil http://www.notbored.org/brazil.html

Argentina Copyright Case Brings Access To Education Into The Spotlight From IP Watch Catherine Saez

An Argentinean philosophy professor is being sued for alleged copyright infringement for posting translated versions of French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s works on a website, according to the Copy South Research Group. The case is bringing international attention to the limitations on access to education brought about by copyright.

ASCII .- ... -.-. .. .. Amsterdam Subversive Code for Information Interchange --- Internetworkspace --- 1998 - 2..? Harv Stanic


Internetworkspace - A free and open place with free internet access, aggregating point for all people interested in hacking together, or simply hanging around or on the net while learning Free and OSS, creating and mixing chaos for all people interested in free flow of information across any new or old medium.

Britain Makes Camera That "Sees" Under Clothes

Reuters Reporting by Luke Baker Sun Mar 9, 7:21 AM ET

A British company has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs or explosives hidden under people's clothes from up to 25 meters away in what could be a breakthrough for the security industry.

The T5000 camera, created by a company called ThruVision, uses what it calls "passive imaging technology" to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays -- known as Terahertz or T-rays -- that they emit.

website: http://www.TheMetaTechnology.com

An anti-virus software runs without scanning your computer. A web Search Engine works without asking what you want to find. A web browser displays not the web page but the server's location.

Welcome in the world of Meta Technology.

"Meta Technology" is a series of modified technologies developed in order to let you really understand common technologies.

Invented by the founder of the radical collective named k-hello.org, "Meta Technology" is an out-of-the-box set of tools to improve your awareness of technology.


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