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Surveillance Camera Players writes: "On Friday, 7 September 2001, a variety of groups from all over the world are collaborating on an international day of autonomous actions against the constant, indiscriminate and technologically sophisticated video surveillance of public places by both businesses and law enforcement agencies.

To read more, please visit http://www.notbored.org/7s01.html"

Anonymous Comrade writes "cryptome.org is publishing the full text of an article published by the British Guardian in abbreviated form on July 3.

"Members of the European Parliament will vote to finalise a report that condemns the use of the British and American run "Echelon" international communications surveillance
system as a breach of privacy, sovereignty and human rights.

Louis Lingg writes: "The Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles is purchasing a face recognition system. "The state legislature authorized the technology during the last session. State officials won't disclose the cost of the system until they meet later this month with officials from Polaroid, one of the companies involved in making the system". The story can be found here."

Anonymous Coward writes: "I just saw this on cnn.com

America's stealth bombers may be in danger of having their cover blown by a new type of radar that uses cell phone technology, researchers say...


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