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Interview with Julien CoupatNot Bored

Here are the responses to the questions that we [Isabelle Mandraud and Caroline Monnot] posed in writing to Julien Coupat. Placed under investigation on 15 November 2008 for "terrorism," along with eight other people interrogated in Tarnac (Correze) and Paris, he is suspected of having sabotaged the suspended electrical cables of the SNCF. He is the last one still incarcerated. (He has asked that certain words be in italics.)

Q. How are you spending your time?

Enric Duran, the Catalan 'Robin Hood of the Banks' has been released on 50,000 euro bail after being held in preventative detention for two months on fraud charges. Enric's upcoming trial for 'financial civil disobedience' offers another moment of publicity to Spain's 'We Can Live Without Capitalism' campaign is gearing up for its September 17th launch.

Argentina Copyright Case Brings Access To Education Into The Spotlight From IP Watch Catherine Saez

An Argentinean philosophy professor is being sued for alleged copyright infringement for posting translated versions of French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s works on a website, according to the Copy South Research Group. The case is bringing international attention to the limitations on access to education brought about by copyright.

Italian Pirate Bay Trial in the Making Ernesto, from Torrent Freak

Following the Swedish verdict, Italy is now considering starting its own trial against the people involved with The Pirate Bay. This would be the first criminal prosecution against the Pirate Bay ‘founders’ outside their home country.

Seven Greenpeace Activists Arrested in Banner-Hanging at Major Economies Forum Matt Leonard @ Greenpeace.org

Lindy Blake, Presidio 27 Mutineer, RIP

Dear Friends, Below is a beautiful tribute to Lindy Blake, one of the Presidio 27 mutineers, written by his friend and comrade Randy Rowland (who, along with Keith Mather, told the story of the Presidio 27 in "Sir! No Sir!"). Lindy died recently at his home in Canada, where he has lived since escaping the Presidio stockade in 1968.

Lindy's Great Escape

Author J.G. Ballard Dies After Lengthy Illness Ben Hoyle, London Times Arts Correspondent

Pinteresque, Dickensian, Shakespearean. Not many writers are so distinctive and influential that their name becomes an adjective in its own right. J. G. Ballard, who died yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer at the age of 79, was one of them.

Pirate Bay Defendants to Fight On Mats Lewan, CNet

The verdict has been handed down in the Pirate Bay file-sharing case, but the legal actions are far from done.

"The prosecutor leads 1-0 after the first round, but this will of course be appealed," said Per E. Samuelsson, defense lawyer for Carl Lundström, one of the four individuals sentenced in the Pirate Bay trial, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.


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