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DaaaihLoong writes: lipmagazine.org has posted an article about the explosion of the female prison population and sexual abuse by predominantly male corrections officers. The disturbing story..."

Francisco Rojas frojas@genoaresistance.org writes:

"Yesterday morning (Tuesday, 18th September) there were about 100 raids all over Italy, and 60 people taking in for questioning by police.

bertrand writes:

The Combating Terrorism Act (CTA) and Mobilization Against Terrorism Act (MATA) are being rushed through Congress, in what could threaten to be the largest erosion of U.S. civil liberties since the McCarthy era. Despite the efforts of John Ashcroft and Congressional sponsors to curtail debate on or disclosure of this legislation, civil rights groups are organizing on a large scale to publicize and hinder CTA and MATA.

What's particularly striking about the proposed bills, in my opinion, is the heavy emphasis on expanding surveillance over all Internet communication, even though there has been no evidence presented that the Internet played any significant role in recent "terrorist" activity.

One of the most controversial provisions of MATA would, according to the DOJ analysis accompanying the Act, allow that "United States prosecutors may use against American citizens information collected by a foreign government even if the collection would have violated the Fourth Amendment."

Other provisions of MATA and CTA (as summarized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation):

-make it possible to obtain e-mail message header information and Internet user web browsing patterns without a wiretap order;

-eviscerate controls on roving wiretaps;

-permit law enforcement to disclose information obtained through wiretaps to any employee of the Executive branch;

-reduce restrictions on domestic investigations under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA);

-permit grand juries to provide information to the US intelligence community;

-permit the President to designate any "foreign-directed individual, group, or entity," including any United States citizen or organization, as a target for FISA surveillance;

-prevent people from even talking about terrorist acts;

-establish a DNA database for every person convicted of any felony or certain sex offenses, almost all of which are entirely unrelated to terrorism.

more info from the EFF (off site).

Autonomedia writes: "http://www.pacifica.org/info/releases/npg_gm_0917. html

Executive Director Bessie M. Wash today announced
that Utrice Leid has been named Pacifica's new Director
of National Programming."

Anonymous Comrade writes: "A NEW WORM that can infect all 32-bit Windows computers
and propagates using multiple methods has spread
across the world Tuesday morning, according to Roger
Thompson, technical director of malicious code at TruSecure.

For Full Story:
http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/01/09/18/ 010918hnworm.xml?0918alert"

Louis Lingg writes: "The Associated Press is reporting that Yasser Arafat has ordered his forces to prevent any attacks on Israeli soldiers. Israel responded by promising not to launch attacks on Palestinians.
Israel also said it would withdraw troops from Palestinian areas it seized in recent days; dozens of tanks have pulled back from the outskirts of the West Bank town of Jenin.

hydrarchist writes: "Recrimination over the G8 summit continues in Italy unabated. After the close of a Parliamentary Commission, which all but fully exonerated the police for their 'search and destroy' missions of those days, the conflict has returned in symbolic form to the streets.

On Saturday night the occupied social center Pinelli was set ablaze in an arson attack. Those familiar with the events of July 15-22nd will recall that Pinelli was the central organizational node for libertarian activists, venue for general assemblies, providing information etc.In the aftermath of the demonstrations, the defense effort for arrested anarchists was also operated from the Social Center. Important equipment was lost in the fire, including computers. The electric system of the building was also destroyed.

On the same day, the memorial dedicated to Carlo Giuliani at Piazza Alimonda - where he was assassinated by the Carabiniere - was also damaged in a similar attack. Local radicals claim that both fires in Pinelli was started by Molotov cocktails thrown by local far right activists.

Source: http://www.repubblica.genova.it/archivio/20010917/ cronaca/03tornado.html

Searches and Arrests
In addition to the fascist attacks, over a hundred homes and centres were raided today in: Milan, Turin, Cuneo, Sardinia, Modena, Trieste, Padua, Venice and elsewhere. The criminal-justice apparat claims the searches and arrests were carried out as part of an investigation into a group known as 'International Solidarity', who last year carried out actions in support of the campaign against maximium security prison regimes (FIES) in Spain.

Elsewhere, there are still several german activists - the Leipzig 3 - incarcerated who would welcome messages, books, goodies etc.

Peter Kunze

Michael Kohl

Michael Kodritsch

Post should be mailed to:


Casa Circondariale


Piazza Marassi 2

16139 Genova"

Marc Cooper writes: "Several individuals have attributed to me certain statements on
the issue of the situation known as the "Pacifica Crisis." As I am quite
capable of speaking for myself without easy-chair interpretations, I have
decided to make this public comment.

Autonomedia writes: "Hello,

I thought you might be interested in a website called youngrebels.com.

Example of content:

"There are many of us who are determined to live a life of peace. We're not supposed to recognize each other. We're not supposed to hear about each other. We're not supposed to think for ourselves. It's simply not in the best interests of the dominators. But we are here. There are infant minds of all types in every direction desiring a peaceful existence in order to explore our minds, our lives and the universe we find ourselves in.

For the first time in human history, our technology allows us to witness the condition of life on Earth. We can choose to proceed along a destructive path, or we can reach out to each other and exist in peace. There's no reason why we should be anything other than a community of friends. It is our choice to make."


Please forward this e-mail to anyone interested in a peaceful future.

Thank you"

Anonymous Comrade writes: "a new website was launched today for the Long Island radical activist and diy community: longislandrevolt.org, it includes a temporary site for the Long Island IMC, a site for the Freespace infoshop & community center, space for the modern times collective, and a soon to be subsite for the 5 food not bombs chapters on the Island.

Today a new website has been launched for the radical activist and DIY community on Long Island, NY.


Its purpose is to connect like-minded people together, keep the community informed about the activities of the many organizations using the site, and to serve as a organizing site for the Long Island Free Space, Inc; a diy community center & infoshop, alternative book / zine shop, social movement library, media center, artist & activist resource center, free school, etc. here on Long Island in 2002.

the following organizations have space on the site:

- Freespace

- Modern Times Collective

- Food Not Bombs (to be up shortly)

- Long Island Indymedia Center (still a few bugs to be worked out)


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