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2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit Fears Green Christiania Squat NearbyStefanie Marsh

The Danish government will be cracking down on the Christiania squatter camp despite its green credentials

Less than two weeks before the start of the UN’s climate summit in Copenhagen, a counter-cultural enclave in the heart of the capital has again been attracting the attention of the Danish authorities.

Grave Concerns about the Detention without Trial of the Kennedy Thirteen: This Travesty Must End Rubin Phillip

18 November 2009

All Charges Dropped Against the Pemary 13, But Someone Needs to Answer for Police Attacks Abahlali basePemary Ridge Press Statement

16 November, 20:42

Abahlali basePemary Ridge is happy that all charges were dropped against 13 of our members, who were arrested in a brutal attack last Friday by the Sydenham police.

US Chamber Shuts off TheYesMen.org and Websites of Hundreds of Other Activist Groups

Hundreds of activist organizations had their internet service turned off last night after the US Chamber of Commerce strong-armed an upstream provider, Hurricane Electric, to pull the plug on The Yes Men and May First / People Link, a 400-member-strong organization with a strong commitment to protecting free speech.

British Police in £9m Scheme to Log 'Domestic Extremists

Thousands of activists monitored on network of overlapping databases Police are gathering the personal details of thousands of activists who attend political meetings and protests, and storing their data on a network of nationwide intelligence databases.

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Occupied

On Tuesday, October 20 2009 the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was squatted, here is the statement and the demands of the occupants:

All Charges Dropped Against Tent City Ten in New York City Picture the Homeless

At 100 Centre Street this morning, all charges were dropped against the Tent City Ten -- homeless/community activists arrested in Picture the Homeless's July action liberating land & fighting for housing for all.

New York Anarchist Accused of Using Twitter to Direct G-20 Protesters

Elliott Madison was arrested by FBI and charged with using social networking site to help demonstrators evade Pittsburgh police

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/04/man-arrested-twitter-g20- us/print

Jeff Luers Back in Custody After Mistaken Release

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Self-proclaimed anarchist Jeff Luers was released Friday after years in prison for setting trucks ablaze in an environmental protest — but he was back in custody within hours.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jennifer Black said a mistake was made in calculating the amount to time off Luers could get for good behavior.


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