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Oakland on Fire: Anarchists, Solidarity, and New Possibilities in the Oakland Rebellion Kara N. TinaCounterpunch

"I'm sorry my car was burned but the issue is very upsetting." -Ken Epstein, assistant editor of the Oakland Post, who was finishing an article about Grant's death, watched from the 12th story of his office at 14th and Franklin streets as his 2002 Honda CR-V disintegrated in a roar of flames (Oakland Tribune)

Stony Brook research assistants vote to unionize Andrew StricklkerNewsday

Research assistants at Stony Brook University have voted to unionize after a nine-month campaign that organizers called the largest union drive on Long Island in recent memory.

Workers Take Over Factory in Chicago

Workers who got three days' notice their factory was shutting its doors voted to occupy the building and said Saturday they won't go home without assurances they'll get severance and vacation pay they say they are owed.

In the second day of a sit-in on the factory floor that began Friday, about 200 union workers occupied the building in shifts while union leaders outside criticized a Wall Street bailout they say is leaving laborers behind.

Spanish Bank Occupied by WorkersHildy Johnson

In the southern Spanish city of Granada today, a powerful workers demonstration has been taking place. It includes the simultaneous occupation of the offices of a local developer/estate agents and the main branch of the BBVA bank.

Zapatistas Call for Worldwide Festival of Dignified Rage Mexico, September of 2008

To the adherents of the Sixth Declaration and the Other Campaign: To the adherents of the Zezta Internazional: To the People of Mexico: To the Peoples of the World:

Compañeras and Compañeros: Brother and Sisters:

Once again we send you our words. This is what we see, what we are looking at. This is what has come to our ears, to our brown heart.

"SPECIAL" NEW YORK TIMES BLANKETS CITIES WITH MESSAGE OF HOPE AND CHANGE Thousands of volunteers behind elaborate operation

* PDF: http://www.nytimes-se.com/pdf * Ongoing video releases: http://www.nytimes-se.com/video

* The New York Times responds: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/12/pranksters-spoof-the-times/

From the Occupied Faculty of La Sapienza, Rome National Call, Rome, 22.10.2008

To the faculties in mobilization, to the undergraduate and Ph.D. students, and to all the precarious researchers

La Sapienza University of Rome Occupied in Protest Against Privatization "University is not going to pay your crisis!!"

This morning in La Sapienza University of Rome has taken place a general assembly , participated in by over 10.000 students, asking the Director Luigi Frati to suspend lessons and the academic year as a protest against law 133, that will cause definitive privatization of italian university, massive job cuts and huge cuts of public foundings for research and education.


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