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Nearly 200 Copenhagen Arrests After Protesters Set Fire to BarricadesBibi van der Zee

Almost 200 people were arrested late last night after protesters set fire to street barricades in a central Copenhagen neighbourhood. Protesters hurled fire bombs at riot police who responded with tear gas, officers said.

High-Profile Activist's Arrest Fuels Fears of Police Crackdown in Copenhagen Climate Justice Action Spokesman to Face Charges, as Danish Police Prepare for Mass Protests at Copenhagen's Bella CentreBibi van der Zee

A high-profile climate activist was arrested ahead of tomorrow's major protests planned outside the Copenhagen climate summit, fuelling anxiety about how the Danish authorities are policing demonstrations.

Denver Anarchist Held Without Bail in Copenhagen Dirty Hands

Today we learned that an anarchist comrade and dear friend of ours has been arrested on two charges at the ongoing Cop15 actions in Copenhagen, Denmark and will be held without possibility of bail for at least three weeks. Solidarity in the form of letters of support (free to send), as well as legal donations, is urgently needed.

Victor Jara Laid to Rest 36 Years After Murder Pete Seeger Speaks About Victor Jara

The body of Victor Jara was finally laid to rest today 36 years after he was tortured and murdered in the US-backed military coup that brought General Pinochet to power. Jara was a much loved folk singer and composer and also a member of the Chilean Communist Party. Thousands of people, including his British born wife Joan and the Chilean president, attended the funeral.

Leaked Agreement Rocks Copenhagen Emma Alberici, Australian Broadcasting Company

The Copenhagen climate talks have been rocked by the leak of a draft final agreement which weakens the role of the United Nations in climate change negotiations and abandons the Kyoto Protocol.

The "Danish text" draft agreement, published by the UK's Guardian newspaper, has been described as a dangerous document for developing countries.

Second Day of Street Protests Across GreeceLibcom

A second day of protest marches occupations and clashes across Greece marked the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder as pupils take to the streets

The second day of the anniversary of Alexandros Girgoropoulos murder was marked with protest marches, occupations and large scale riots in major greek cities.

Monday was the day of pupils as pan-educational marches against police brutality and in memory of Alexis were staged in all major greek cities

Danish Police Issue Protests Warning Ahead of Copenhagen Climate Summit TheCatalystCell

COPENHAGEN - Danish police this weekend spelt out a tough warning about any violent protests at the 12-day UN climate conference starting in Copenhagen on Monday.

Riots in Greek Cities on Anniversary of Grigoropoulos Murder Anonymous Comrade

Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A. Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens march.

Want to Sneak into U.S.? There's an App for That American College Prof Develops Cell-Phone Tool to Help Illegals Cross BorderChelsea Schilling

Illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexico border now have a cell-phone tool to chart the best route, find food and locate people who will help them enter the country – courtesy of a professor at a state-funded university.


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