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9/11 Teach-In Set for NYU

Join activists at NYU for a teach in for peace

Thursday, September 20 at 7 PM

NYU Main Building, room 809

Main Building is located at 100 Washington Square East at the corner of

The event will focus on giving a context to the tragic events of
September 11 and organizing around two themes: To stop the racist
scapegoating and the US drive to war.

Speakers include

* Amy Goodman, co-host of Democracy Now!

* Purvi Shah, SAKHI for South Asian Women (an anti-violence collective)

* Sherry Wolf, veteran activist of the National Network of Campuses
Against the Gulf War 1990-91

(invited speakers also include)
Arab Students United, Arab American Family Center, Prof. Bertell Ollman,
War Resisters League, Jews Against the Occupation

This event is sponsored by Prof. Bertell Ollman and the NYU Peace
Coalition and endorsed by Earth Matters at NYU, Jews Against The
Occupation, the International Socialist Organization, SAKHI for South
Asian Women (this list is in formation).