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Greetings, fellow psycheogeographers, artists of all stripes, curiosity-seekers, interested bystanders!

Welcome to the first Glowlab newsletter. We'd like to take this opportunity to catch you up on everything that's been going down with us over the summer -- a busy summer, as it turns out (aren't they always?). We bowed to a giant dinosaur, walked with angels, were treated to the unsettling and wondrous sight of a darkened city skyline, and pounded the pavements of Brooklyn seeking hidden vistas.

"Learning To Love Leni"

Slavoj Zizek, In These Times, 9.10.03

The life and work of Leni Riefenstahl, who died on
Monday at age 101, seems to lend itself to a mapping of
a devolution, progressing toward a dark conclusion. It
began with the early "mountain films" of the 1920s that
she starred in and later began directing as well, which
celebrated heroism and bodily effort in the extreme
conditions of mountain climbing. It went on to her
notorious Nazi documentaries in the ‘30s, celebrating
bodily discipline, concentration, and strength of will
in sport as well as in politics. Then, after World War
II, in her photo albums, she rediscovered her ideal of
bodily beauty and graceful self-mastery in the Nuba
African tribe. Finally, in her last decades, she
learned the difficult art of deep sea diving and
started shooting documentaries about the strange life
in the dark depths of the sea.

"Learning To Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash"

Luciana Bohne, 12 August 2003

You might think that reading about a Podunk University's English
teacher's attempt to connect the dots between the poverty of American
education and the gullibility of the American public may be a little
trivial, considering we've embarked on the first, openly-confessed
imperial adventure of senescent capitalism in the US. Bear with me. The
question my experiences in the classroom raise is why have these young
people been educated to such abysmal depths of ignorance.

hydrarchist submits:

Dean Martin Had a Hard-on

By Wu Ming 1

Confusion is the only thing left which makes any sense.

Lester Bangs.


“So then, here we need a brainstorm to write a story to stick into Flavio’s catalogue, and the idea’s that of a slightly lysergic conversation while looking at one of his paintings...”

This was the first line of my speech. All I remembered when the nurses managed to wake me up with cardiac massages, electric shocks and a shot of adrenaline - “Where am I?” I murmured.

Then the ceiling began to shift as it did in the last scene of Carlito’s Way. An IV needle was pushed into the fold of my left arm shoving God-knows-what into my body.

A hand held my right hand. Wheels were running along under me. Excited voices: “We’ve got to talk to him! It’s a question of life or death!” And other voices that answered, “You can’t now, come back tomorrow!”

I couldn’t feel my legs. I thought, “This time our brainstorm’s gone a bit too far. It had to happen sooner or later. We asked too much of ourselves.”

They took me into a room. Someone said, “He’s a writer, one of the Nameless Group, those who wrote Uh!, Tomahawk and 666.”

“I liked Uh; 666 seemed a bit over the top though...” someone answered.

“Did you read Mater semper certa est pater numquam by Valeriano Apostoli? It’s the new episode in the Limerick series” someone else asked.

“This really isn’t the right time. Call doctor Twain, tomorrow he’ll have to operate on his brain.”

“Shit, it even rhymes! How do you always manage to be so brill...”

The sound of a smack disturbed something; it was as though a necromancer’s hand had fumbled among the neurones, digging out beams of memories.

Two months earlier, Flavio De Marquez, a lanky painter from Apulia, had asked us to write some text for the catalogue for his show.

As further globalcriticos slots are produced this story will be updated and bumped back to the top of the page. Please click on read more for info on previous radio spots.

nolympics submits:

As the WTO ministerial approaches and the streets teem with federales, globalicriticos and phobicos and tourists free radio palapas has produced more spots for local broadcast. As Cancun is a purely neoliberal invention it is a paradise for the WTO in lacking any kind of social relations or movements. Of the 600 000 residents only 1/3 are permanent residents, the rest are seasonal and casual itinerant workers. So the radio spots and various other kinds of contra propaganda are proving useful and popular. Here are a couple more.

Quien es la OMC

Que significa

DownhillBattle is a new website about why major label domination of music needs to end. Filesharing and CD burning have given us some tools, but we need to defend our right to use them and at the same time develop new ways to support artists. The pre-launch web page has a parody of iTunes and an article about filesharing as civil disobedience.

DownhillBattle will have articles, music reviews, news, and free music propaganda. There will also be forums where we can drop the debate team bullshit and do some serious strategizing on how to get music back. Because no matter what kind of music you're into, it will be way more fun after the major labels are gone. The Downhill Battle site will launch for real in early September. In the meantime, there will be a pre-launch weblog and photos of our flyer campaign.

Anonymous Comrade submits:

M/C - Media and Culture is calling for contributors to the 'text' issue of M/C Journal

The award-winning M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal between the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed journal.

primativa writes:

For Review: A New Alphabet

Digital version of a book: A New Alphabet-Language, Icons and Embodiment at http://pw.english.uwm.edu/~jdean is a multi-facetted inquiry into new media, digital literacy, the aesthetics of data base and embodiment in an alphabet book format using visual art, collage, essay and poetry.

coco fusco writes:

"Dutch Fund Withholds Support for 8th Havana Biennial"

Coco Fusco

Increased suppression of cultural _expression in Cuba
leads the Prince Claus Fund to withhold support from
the 2003 Havana Biennial.

As a result of the arrest of 75 Cuban cultural and
social activists in recent months and their being
sentenced to harsh terms of imprisonment of up to 28
years, the Prince Claus Fund has decided not to
provide financial support to the 8th Havana Biennial,
which will be held in November 2003.

hydrarchist submits:
Whilst I find aspects of this appeal problematic, the intermittents struggle has been extremely innovative and represents the first organising wave in this sector in some time.

"Art Without Artists is Democracy Without a Voice"

Appeal from the "Coordination des Intermittents et Précaires d' Ile de France"- Europe Commission

What is happening in France?

Demonstrations, strikes, the interruption of film shootings, cancellations of shows and festivals : since June 26th, an unheard-of mobilization has been seriously disturbing the French cultural scene. Artistic professionals have spontaneously united in coordinated actions to mark their opposition to a reform of their special unemployment status, initially created in 1936. Based on an inter-professional solidarity, this status takes into account the very specific nature of stage and audiovisual spheres, i.e.discontinuity and flexibility of work. It gives artists a wage supplement which is not a privilege : 50% of these flexible artistic workers in France earn less than the minimum wage (SMIC). This reform, initiated by the MEDEF (French Employers' Union), now awaiting legal agreement by the French government, renders the whole system null and will be very likely to result in a rapid impoverishment of the professionals working in all cultural spheres in France. The current social protection supports artistic creation and research, the evolution of which cannot be seen solely in terms of economics.


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