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Radio Spots from Cancun

As further globalcriticos slots are produced this story will be updated and bumped back to the top of the page. Please click on read more for info on previous radio spots.

nolympics submits:

As the WTO ministerial approaches and the streets teem with federales, globalicriticos and phobicos and tourists free radio palapas has produced more spots for local broadcast. As Cancun is a purely neoliberal invention it is a paradise for the WTO in lacking any kind of social relations or movements. Of the 600 000 residents only 1/3 are permanent residents, the rest are seasonal and casual itinerant workers. So the radio spots and various other kinds of contra propaganda are proving useful and popular. Here are a couple more.

Quien es la OMC

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Local radio stations have invited spots from the globalicriticos who are gathering here for the WTO funeral. Readers will recognise the voice of David Martinez as 'gringo'"