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Primativa's "New Alphabet"

primativa writes:

For Review: A New Alphabet

Digital version of a book: A New Alphabet-Language, Icons and Embodiment at http://pw.english.uwm.edu/~jdean is a multi-facetted inquiry into new media, digital literacy, the aesthetics of data base and embodiment in an alphabet book format using visual art, collage, essay and poetry.Each page is a letter. The book includes discussion on Peirce, Lakoff, Manovich, Drucker, McGann and Virilio, as well as Blake and the counter-enlightenment. You might appreciate the pages "D" Dear Digital Dimension and "T" Typography.


Spend a few minutes to take a critical look and post a comment via email to include in the NEWS/REVIEWS section. Individual pages are available for re-publication.


HIGHLIGHTS: Page Q is quite good. B2 is sassy. L says it all. V is very venutian.

The LINKS section is loaded with alphabet connections, interesting art/collage/digital art sites, and useful reference sites.

NEWS: The book was invited to a conference on Corporeal Literacy in Brussels this September, a Conference on Phenomenology in Massachusetts and the Language, Literature and Media Conference at Northern Illinois Univ.


A New Alphabet - Language, Icons and Embodiment A New Alphabet e-book by Jean Dean is a literary cultural critique exploring theories of embodiment in language, new media and digital culture in an alphabet book of digital art, collage, essay and poetry. Iconographic and pictorial language is an emergent standard of post modern text. This book illustrates this reading standard in visual essays and poems. The visual text uses metaphors of the body as icons of the body and embodied text. Digital art images are the background skin of the page or screen surface. Iconographic language is intuitive and non-rational, therefore each alphabet letter is composed of poetry as a typography of textual embodiment. Text and alphabets are written as pictorial objects to illustrate an interaction with theories of embodiment. Icons were created from paintings and photography of the body in the fine-art western tradition as the basic visual layer for A NEW ALPHABET.


Thanks for your interest.


Jeanie Dean

Milwaukee, WI

A New Alphabet http://pw.english.uwm.edu/~jdean