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Anonymous Comrade writes:

An International Festival of Tactical Media
September 11 - 14, 2003, Amsterdam
a report

by Snafu - 09/27/2003
from thing.net, http://bbs.thing.net/communicator.thing

As the curtain fell on the conclusive meeting of Next5Minutes4 (http://www.n5m.org) the feeling was widespread that tactical media (tm) are in the midst of fording a swift river. It is hard to say what tm will find on the other bank of the river because riding the currents of these precarious times already seems quite an engaging exercise. By definition, tactical media are unstable, in permanent crisis, malleable, and adaptable to mutating circumstances. Nevertheless, the previous edition of the festival which gave birth to tm and followed its early steps was held more than four years ago when two major global events were still to occur: 9-11 and the outbreak of the Seattle movement. Between these two, the collapse of the new economy undermined not only a business model but also a way of building sustainable networks and techno-social infrastructures.

"Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies"

A project by Oliver Ressler

Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana (SI)

Opening: Wednesday, 29 October, 8 p.m.

30 October - 29 November 2003


After the loss of a countermodel for capitalism -- which socialism, in its real, existing form presented until its collapse -- alternative concepts for economic and social development face difficulties at the beginning of the twenty-first century. In the industrial nations "alternatives," are, namely, only broadly discussed when they do not question the existing power relations of the capitalist system and representative democracies. Other socio-economic approaches are, on the other hand, labeled utopian, devalued, and excluded from serious discussion if even considered at all.

"Work: An Exhibition"

António Júlio Duarte | Augusto Brázio | Daniel Malhão | Filipa César | Hugo Canoilas | Inês Gonçalves | Joana Pimentel | Paulo Catrica | Pedro Letria | Nuno Ribeiro

October 25 – January 11

Centro de Artes Visuais

Pátio da Inquisição, 10

Apartado 6026, 3000 Coimbra, Portugal

T. +00351 239 826178

Fax. +00351 239 820 154

Email: encontrosphoto@oninet.pt

The importance of work is measured by the meaning it has taken on in modern societies since the Industrial Revolution, to the point of shaping all aspects of daily life. The fact that we are today witnessing a transformation of the processes of work themselves, with the consolidation of services and the coming of the immaterial economy, makes this subject even more pressing.

TAC writes:

The Arts Collective is actively engaged for radical democratisation through artistic expression. The Arts Collective takes the side of the oppressed, the progressive and the voiceless.

robert mutt writes:

Announcing A Neo-Dada, Post-Surealistic, Found Art Object

A Readymade for Our Time

Installed in the State of California, October 8, 2003
Artist: Robert Mutt

This found object, now installed in the State of California, represents a great leap forward in the cultural power of readymades. To say that you can directly connect the dots between Duchamp's Urinal and the new governor is to ignore seminal pieces of the lineage, which move from The Urinal to Joseph Beuys' piles of fat through the life-sized sculpture of Nancy Reagan made of Velveeta cheese, past Kac's glow-in-the-dark bunny and onto ARNOLD.

Anonymous Comrade writes

This new book attempts to increase leftists' coherence on the topic of corporate marketing and the commercialization and commodification of societies. Strongly recommended by Chomsky, Mark Crispin Miller, and John Stauber.


2nd Annual Brooklyn Underground Film Festival

Line-Up of Films, Music and Art

The 2nd annual Brooklyn Underground Film Festival (BUFF) will showcase 97
films from 12 countries between October 8-14 in their DUMBO screening room
and mainspace. BUFF 2003 includes 32 world premiers and 75 New York premiers
of underground films from around the globe. The fest is presented in a
lounge and club atmosphere with nightly music events and daily Happy Hours.

hydrarchist writes:

"Give Sky the 'Boot' "

Telestreet Rome

A flurry of activity has convulsed the Italian Telestreet project in recent days. This coordination of micro-broadcasters first came on air in the summer of 2002 in the form of Orfeo Tv, a neighborhood station based in Bologna, and a slew of others launched shortly thereafter. Transmissions occur on frequencies allocated to commercial broadcasters which lie unused either for reasons of local topography or due to simple lack of interest on the part of the assignee. Given the outlandish concentration of media ownership in Italy - where 90% of the audio-visual media is controlled directly or indirectly by Silvio Berlusconi - this recycling of frequencies has become a flashpoint for the development of critical approaches to information production and distribution. Despite being in breach of the law only one station had encountered legal problems until last thursday. Telefabrica was broadcasting in the area around the Fiat factory in Termini Imerese, where workers were on strike and involved in generalized protests against restructuring and layoffs, when they were closed by the Carabinieri in december of last year. They subsequently went back on air.

Last week the axe fell again, this time in the small town of Sigallia, near Ancona, in central Italy. A voluntary group principally occupied with care for the disabled had been broadcasting with the involvement of local members of the centre-left party, Democratici della Sinistra, under the name "DiscoVolante". The station was raided and closed by the Carabinieri for being in breach of the broadcasting regulations, and the studio sealed. Meanwhile it was learned that another Telestreet, this time in Pechioli near Pisa, would be closed on September 26th. In Pechioli the project is actually supported by the town council. Paradoxically, thus, these two recent targets represent those with strong institutional affiliations who practice a form of broadcasting that would appear to fall within very orthodox definitions of legitimacy. Media insurgents did not let this attack go unpunished, as you will see below, but first a a little context....

NewMediaArtProjectNetwork writes:

Violence Online Festival
is looking for proposals: papers to included in the coming project versions of this successful New Media environment. Currently, more than 300 artists from 40 countries reflect the phenomenon of violence from their artistic view.

"Dying Vagrant Hailed as 'Extraordinary Artistic Talent' "

John Lichfield and Will Bland, The Independent 24 September 2003

A down-and-out artist who has spent the past two years sleeping and
working on the street in Paris has been hailed as an "extraordinary


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