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DownhillBattle Website Seeks to Free the Music

DownhillBattle is a new website about why major label domination of music needs to end. Filesharing and CD burning have given us some tools, but we need to defend our right to use them and at the same time develop new ways to support artists. The pre-launch web page has a parody of iTunes and an article about filesharing as civil disobedience.

DownhillBattle will have articles, music reviews, news, and free music propaganda. There will also be forums where we can drop the debate team bullshit and do some serious strategizing on how to get music back. Because no matter what kind of music you're into, it will be way more fun after the major labels are gone. The Downhill Battle site will launch for real in early September. In the meantime, there will be a pre-launch weblog and photos of our flyer campaign.