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R. Mutt, "Arnold as Readymade"

robert mutt writes:

Announcing A Neo-Dada, Post-Surealistic, Found Art Object

A Readymade for Our Time

Installed in the State of California, October 8, 2003
Artist: Robert Mutt

This found object, now installed in the State of California, represents a great leap forward in the cultural power of readymades. To say that you can directly connect the dots between Duchamp's Urinal and the new governor is to ignore seminal pieces of the lineage, which move from The Urinal to Joseph Beuys' piles of fat through the life-sized sculpture of Nancy Reagan made of Velveeta cheese, past Kac's glow-in-the-dark bunny and onto ARNOLD.Since its release, this rowdy-touchy-feely piece has garnered much international attention and its effect on the art world could be profound. Some are already saying this work of art could transform Surrealism much the same way Kissingerís Nobel Peace Prize made satire obsolete.

Or perhaps we are treading on new cultural terrain. As Derrida said, "Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: 'Here are our monsters,' without immediately turning the monsters into pets." And maybe now our simulacrumal fear of The Terminator is being morphed into not a Pet Rock but a Pet Arnie.

Who can tell? The scope of this work may evolve beyond the scope of this artist's vision, but if preliminary interest is any indicator, brace yourself for a host of sequels. Senator Springer, Supreme Court Justice Cher...

Contact information: Robert Mutt
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