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Violence Online Festival Seeks Proposals

NewMediaArtProjectNetwork writes:

Violence Online Festival
is looking for proposals: papers to included in the coming project versions of this successful New Media environment. Currently, more than 300 artists from 40 countries reflect the phenomenon of violence from their artistic view.The requested papers should go down to following topics connected to

Society, psychology, philosophy, science, MEDIA; culture, art.
Other topics, if expressively indicated, are welcome, as well.

The accepted languages are English, French, Spanish and German.
There is no specific restriction concerning the length of the papers.
Please use only these digital formats for submitting:

a) plain email text
b) RTF (Rich Text Format)
d. html (webpage)

Academic, scientific papers are welcome, as well as articles and private
It is intended to show the subject of "violence" from most different views.

The submitter/author must hold all rights on the paper(s) to be submitted.

Violence Online Festival is a free and independant cultural production and
will not be able to pay any fee.

The selected papers will be published online exclusively on the Violence
Online Festival site
and will include the copyright note of the author.

28 October 2003
28 November 2003
28 December 2003
28 January 2004

All serious papers will be reviewed as soon as they arrive.

The submitting author has to fill in this form
and send it together with the file containing the paper
to violence@newmediafest.org

a) Author
1. Name/first name
2. complete address (only for internal use)
3. email/URL

b) Paper
1. Title and number of words
2. Topic
3. submitted text format
4. Year of origin
5. if published already, when and where

c) Authorisation
I (name of author), hold all rights on the submitted paper
and authorize Violence Online Festival to publish
the text on Violence Online Festival site
until revoke.

Violence Online Festival

is corporate member of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
the experimental platform for net based art -
operating from Cologne/Germany.