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hydrarchist writes: This from Mute Magazine.

United colours of land grab

by Sebastian Hacher

Patagonia has a long history of colonial oppression. But the corporate conquistadors behind the current round of evictions are more renowned for their interest in worthy causes than their cut-throat approach to real estate, reports Sebastian Hacher

In the extreme south of Argentina lies Patagonia, a region which encompasses every imaginable climate and terrain from turquoise rivers and lakes to desert and glaciers. Below the 'Cordillera', the pristine snow capped mountain range of the southern Andes which separates Argentina and Chile, lies the flat and fertile expanse of the pampas on which sheep and cattle graze.

Anonymous Comrade submits:

"Busting up Biotech:

Mass Resistance in Sacramento to the Corporate Take-Over of Food"

Patrick Reinsborough, smartMeme project

From June 20-25, 2003 Sacramento became an unlikely frontline in the
ongoing clash
between the Bush administration's imperial agenda and the
diverse movements
demanding democracy, justice and ecological sanity. The
occasion was the
U.S. government sponsored Ministerial Conference and Expo on
Science and Technology, which was supposed to be another
opportunity for the
Bush administration to quietly push its corporate agenda in the
lead up to
the September World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun.

Take Back the Black and Green!

Ecological Anarchy at the Brink of the Future

For far too long the anti-authoritarian ecology movement has been limited

to two snobbishly opposed groups: so called Green Anarchy, influenced by

Deep Ecology and Zerzan primitivism, and Social Ecology, influenced by

biological science and classical radical left thought. These camps have

battled back and forth in public and publication for so long one can't

help but feel that the argument has become more one of childish pride than

intellectual curiosity or political action. Both groups seem now hackneyed

and are met, more often than not, with little but yawns and eye rolling.

The irrationality and churlishness of one bounces off of the dogmatism and

polemic of the other, catching in the middle those of us for whom the

matter is not so black and white (or green...). For those of us who see

advantages in both systems, who also see problems in both, there seems

little room for middle ground, and scorn on either side. For those of us

who wish to act, and who wish to move on, it is clear that this stubborn

bickering has gone on far too long. It is clear that we must synthesize

and erase, pick and choose, and advance our critique of this civilization

which stands so at odds with health, freedom, ecology and life in general.

With every condo built, every stomach left unfed, and every dollar spent,

the need for a cogent and rational ecological anarchy becomes more


For more information write the 400th Generation Collective:


nolympics submits

And they would not have been far wrong - for scientists now believe global warming is melting the Alps, threatening widespread devastation over the next two decades.

The great mountain range's icy crust of permafrost, which holds its stone pillars and rockfaces together, and into which its cable car stations and pylons are rooted, is disappearing. Already several recent Alpine disasters, including the avalanches which killed more than 50 people at the Austrian resort of Galtur four years ago, are being blamed on the melting of permafrost.

And in future, things are likely to get much worse - as scientists will point out tomorrow at the opening, in Zurich, of the International Permafrost Association conference. Held every four years, the meeting provides climatologists, civil engineers, and geologists with a chance to exchange research data about the icy layers that coat the ground in the world's coldest regions. Rarely has a scientific meeting been so timely.


the rest

Anonymous comrade submits:

Eyfa and Green dossier organize and invite you
to the Ecotopia 2003 (sustainable community) in
Ukrania, from 20 of Agost to 3 of September.
With the option to come in a bike tour from

EYFA (European Youth Forest Action) and Green Dossier Ukraine want to
invite you to Ecotopia 2003 in Ukraine. It will be located in the Carpantian
Mountains, in Ivano-Frankivsk region, from the 20th August to the 3rd
September with Green Dossier Ukrainian group as host organisation.
Ecotopia is the biggest international camp in Europe involved in
environmental and social issues. The EYFA network has organised Ecotopia
since 13 years ago, moving from one country to another in both Eastern and
Western Europe. It is a place to exchange experiences, spread information
and enrich one's knowledge about environmental issues through workshops,
debates and art. Ecotopia also attempts to be a functional model of self-
sustainable community, non-pollutive, based on consensus decision-making
process, egalitarian and just.

The Rainforest Foundation has been supporting the struggle of the Panará people of the Brazilian Amazon for many years. It has been a rewarding experience: once on the verge of extinction, the Panará have been able to secure their traditional lands, and are reclaiming their culture and way of life. It is one of the few stories of hope and victory to celebrate in the Amazon today.

Six Panará leaders are coming to New York City for the first time, and it's our pleasure to invite you to two events we're organizing in their honor in the coming week. Basic information is below; for more background information, please visit our website at http://www.rainforestfoundation.org.

hydrarchist writes "Busting the Water Cartel

A Report From Inside the Activist Coalition at the World Water Forum


By Holly Wren Spaulding

Special to CorpWatch

March 27, 2003

Kyoto - The conveners of the third World Water Forum, the World Water Council and Global Water Partnership, tried hard last week to sell the idea that there is a consensus behind their control, distribution and conservation of the world's water. But efforts to turn the Forum into a thinly veiled commercial for corporate solutions to the global water crisis backfired. Instead, many delegates were convinced by arguments put forward citizens' groups framing the water debate as a human rights issue.

Alan Moore writes "The "Green Home" show is opening at the Winter Palace in Staten Island April 27th, 2003, as part of the Staten Island Greens' Eco-Fest for a Sane and Sustainable Future.

The question is, how do we live in this world? How do we understand ourselves in relation to the rest of creation, and how is this relation expressed in works of art? The show will combine the global and the local -- prescriptive conceptual art and work, mostly by regional artists, on the theme of a domestic relation with nature.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"Hey, check out the great parody page at dow-chemical, then compare it with dow. Nice work!

Now read below:"

[Updated] These Shitheads at Dow/Union Carbide are responsible for bringing down slash.autonomedia.org, and numerous other critical media sites yesterday. See comment attached below.

hydrarchist writes: this is part II of the article. All of the notes are to be found at the foot of this page. Click here to return to the first part."

This kind of technology-led restructuring of production
conditions (including technique-led restructuring of the
conditions of supply of laborpower) may or may not be functional
for capital as a whole, individual capitals, in the short-or-
long-run. The results would depend on other crisis prevention
and resolution measures, their exact conjuncture, and the way in
which they articulate with the crisis of nature broadly defined.
In the last analysis, the results would depend on the degree of
unity and diversity in labor movements, environmental movements,
solidarity movements, etc. And this is a political, ideological,
and organizational question.


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