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Green Home Show, 4/24-4/28

Alan Moore writes "The "Green Home" show is opening at the Winter Palace in Staten Island April 27th, 2003, as part of the Staten Island Greens' Eco-Fest for a Sane and Sustainable Future.

The question is, how do we live in this world? How do we understand ourselves in relation to the rest of creation, and how is this relation expressed in works of art? The show will combine the global and the local -- prescriptive conceptual art and work, mostly by regional artists, on the theme of a domestic relation with nature.

In this time of war, it feels ever more important to concentrate on the kind of world we want to see, to inspire people to continue to strive for those so-desired millennial improvements, and to live more lightly on the earth.

"Green Home" is the first exhibition at Winter Palace, intended as an independent art exhibition venue in Staten Island. The show will continue on weekends in May.

Artists at this writing (4-3-03) are: Mary Walling Blackburn, Nancy Bonior, Mary Campbell, Jackie Cassen, Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Peggy Cyphers, Stefan Eins, Steve Faust, John Fekner, Peter Fend, Karen Fitzgerald, Green Circus, Richard Hambleton, Virginia Hoge, Rebecca Howland, Sheryl Humphrey, Landscape Project (M. Campbell, Kristi Pfister, Kat Doty, Alan Moore), Su-Jung Lee, William T. Meyer, III, Robin Locke-Monda, Ron Moresan, Paulette Nenner, Claire Pentecost, Tom Ronce, Christy Rupp, Samoa, Phil Sanders, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Willoughby Sharp (of Joseph Beuys), Frank Shifreen, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Time's Up, Alyssa Wood and more added."

(For information on the full program 4-24 thru 4-28 and artists? URLs, see: www.statenislandgreens.org)