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Take Back the Black and Green!

Take Back the Black and Green!

Ecological Anarchy at the Brink of the Future

For far too long the anti-authoritarian ecology movement has been limited

to two snobbishly opposed groups: so called Green Anarchy, influenced by

Deep Ecology and Zerzan primitivism, and Social Ecology, influenced by

biological science and classical radical left thought. These camps have

battled back and forth in public and publication for so long one can't

help but feel that the argument has become more one of childish pride than

intellectual curiosity or political action. Both groups seem now hackneyed

and are met, more often than not, with little but yawns and eye rolling.

The irrationality and churlishness of one bounces off of the dogmatism and

polemic of the other, catching in the middle those of us for whom the

matter is not so black and white (or green...). For those of us who see

advantages in both systems, who also see problems in both, there seems

little room for middle ground, and scorn on either side. For those of us

who wish to act, and who wish to move on, it is clear that this stubborn

bickering has gone on far too long. It is clear that we must synthesize

and erase, pick and choose, and advance our critique of this civilization

which stands so at odds with health, freedom, ecology and life in general.

With every condo built, every stomach left unfed, and every dollar spent,

the need for a cogent and rational ecological anarchy becomes more


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