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No Borders Groups Call to Action for Copenhagen Climate Change

This is a call out to action to international no borders groups during the COP 15 in Copenhagen!

Starting December 7, 2009

“Our Bolivian Model is not Communist, but Community Based” Michelle Amaral da Silva

Fernando Huanacuni, one of the most important Aymara intellectual references in Bolivia, defends that the foundation for the process of change in the country is structured around the return to their original culture.

Fernando Huanacuni, uma das principais referências intelectuais dos aymara na Bolívia, sustenta que a base do processo de mudança no país está na retomada de culturas originárias

The Commoner N. 13 Released on Energy Crisis

THERE’S AN ENERGY CRISIS (AMONG OTHERS) IN THE AIR… Edited by Kolya Abramsky and Massimo De Angelis

20 Theses against green capitalism Tadzio Mueller and Alexis Passadakis

1. The current world economic crisis marks the end of the neoliberal phase of capitalism. ‘Business as usual’ (financialisation, deregulation, privatisation…) is thus no longer an option: new spaces of accumulation and types of political regulation will need to be found by governments and corporations to keep capitalism going

"The Climate Camp at Kingsnorth" Shift Mgazine

The Climate Camp at Kingsnorth was great! These were our initial thoughts on arrival at the first German climate camp in Hamburg, which took place just one week after Kingsnorth. The Hamburg camp seemed less organised, there were far fewer people and the lack of a clear neighbourhood structure meant that we aimlessly walked around the site for a good half hour before finally pitching the tent in the ‘anti-barrio’ barrio.

Guilty Verdict in Tacoma Ecoterror Arson Trial

A federal jury in Tacoma has found Briana Waters guilty of arson for the 2001 ecoterror fire at the University of Washington.

The 32-year-old from Oakland, Calif., faces a prison term of 5 to 20 years when she is sentenced May 30.

Waters was convicted today on two counts, but the jury deadlocked on three other charges of conspiracy and using a destructive device in a crime of violence, which would have carried a minimum 30 years in prison.


Imposters posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC)
representatives delivered an outrageous keynote speech to 300 oilmen
at GO-EXPO, Canada's largest oil conference, held at Stampede Park in
Calgary, Alberta, today.

The speech was billed beforehand by the GO-EXPO organizers as the
major highlight of this year's conference, which had 20,000
attendees. In it, the "NPC rep" was expected to deliver the long-awaited
conclusions of a study commissioned by US Energy Secretary
Samuel Bodman. The NPC is headed by former ExxonMobil CEO Lee
Raymond, who is also the chair of the study.

In the actual speech, the "NPC rep" announced that current U.S. and
Canadian energy policies (notably the massive, carbon-intensive
exploitation of Alberta's oil sands, and the development of liquid
coal) are increasing the chances of huge global calamities. But he
reassured the audience that in the worst case scenario, the oil
industry could "keep fuel flowing" by transforming the billions of
people who die into oil.

"We need something like whales, but infinitely more abundant," said
"NPC rep" "Shepard Wolff" (actually Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men),
before describing the technology used to render human flesh into a
new Exxon oil product called Vivoleum. 3-D animations of the process
brought it to life.

Colony Collapse: Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food
System as We Know it?

Scott Thill, AlterNet

The joke may have fallen flat, but this time no one could blame Bill
Maher. Sure, it happened on the May 4, 2007 installment of his show
Real Time With Bill Maher, but CNN personality and senior medical
correspondent Sanjay Gupta was the one delivering the punch line, and
it seems he was the only one in the room who believed the issue of
Earth's mysteriously vanishing honeybees was a joke.

And while some
may argue that he stayed on message, promoting his May 19 documentary
called Danger: Poison Food, he nevertheless fumbled for answers when
Maher asked him about what could be killing a major component of the
nation's food supply.


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