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Ecotopia 2003, Ukraine, August 20-September 3, 200

Anonymous comrade submits:

Eyfa and Green dossier organize and invite you
to the Ecotopia 2003 (sustainable community) in
Ukrania, from 20 of Agost to 3 of September.
With the option to come in a bike tour from

EYFA (European Youth Forest Action) and Green Dossier Ukraine want to
invite you to Ecotopia 2003 in Ukraine. It will be located in the Carpantian
Mountains, in Ivano-Frankivsk region, from the 20th August to the 3rd
September with Green Dossier Ukrainian group as host organisation.
Ecotopia is the biggest international camp in Europe involved in
environmental and social issues. The EYFA network has organised Ecotopia
since 13 years ago, moving from one country to another in both Eastern and
Western Europe. It is a place to exchange experiences, spread information
and enrich one's knowledge about environmental issues through workshops,
debates and art. Ecotopia also attempts to be a functional model of self-
sustainable community, non-pollutive, based on consensus decision-making
process, egalitarian and just.

Around 200-2000 people have been attending Ecotopia each year, sharing
skills and knowledge about a wide range of themes related to environmental
problems: climate change, GMOs, organic food, sustainable energies,
strategies for actions, alternative media, the role of transnational corporations
and the global economic system, global politics, migration, racism and
xenophobia, influence on and of people, cultural issues, ... Recently, Ecotopia
Romania (2000) focused on 'Sustainable Communities', Ecotopia Finland
(2001) on 'Globalisation', and Ecotopia Ireland (2002) on 'Conflicts

The main theme of Ecotopia 2003 in Ukraine is 'Young People and
Cultural Perspectives on Human Rights'. Our attempt is to open a discussion
on human rights with an international grassroots perspective, to exchange
experiences and plan strategies of support to different projects and campaigns
that are really working to transform social, political and economic conditions.
Moreover, we want to arise awareness about what is the social and
environmental situation in countries like Ukraine, where it used to be the
other side of the 'Iron Curtain'.

If you are interested in participating in Ecotopia you have to fill in as soon
as possible an application form that you will find in our web page:
The deadline for the Applications is 1st of July!
For some participants with economical difficulties in attending the
gathering there is a limited budget for travel reimbursement. There will also
be a participation fee for food and accommodation, but it will be Ecorated, so
that we overcome the purchasing power inequalities among different
countries and everyone can afford to participate.

The program of Ecotopia strongly depends on you! If you have any
knowledge or skills on one specific topic that you want to share with others
suggest workshops. You can fill in the form that you will find also in our
home page.

Do not forget that one of the best ways to reach Ecotopia is the bike tour. It is
an annual international project for everyone interested in environmentalism
and community life, cycling and sustainability. This summer we will cycle for
a few weeks through Poland and Ukraine to reach the Ecotopia festival. More
info at: www.thebiketour.net

For subscribing to the biketour: biketour@fz.eco.pl

To participate in Ecotopia you can also write to:
and subscribe to the Ecotopia mailing list going to:

The participants from CIS can contact GREEN DOSSIER on
Russian: ecoweek@akcecc.kiev.ua , rosemary@ambernet.kiev.ua