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NOT BORED! writes:

"The Sick Planet"

Guy Debord

Today "pollution" is in fashion, exactly in the same manner that revolution is: it takes hold of the entire life of society, and it is illusorily represented in the spectacle. It is boring chatter in a plethora of erroneous and mystifying writings and discourses, and in reality [dans les faits] it gets everyone in the throat. It reveals itself everywhere as ideology and it gains on the ground as real process. These two [mutually] antagonistic movements -- the supreme stage of commodity production and the project of its total negation, equally rich in internal contradictions -- grow together. They are the two sides through which a single historical moment (long-awaited and often foreseen in inadequate partial figures) manifests itself: the impossibility of the continuation of the functioning of capitalism.

The epoch that has all the techincal means to absolutely alter the conditions of life of the entire Earth is also the epoch that, by the same separated technical and scientific development, disposes of all of the means of control and indubitable, mathematical prediction to exactly measure in advance where -- and when -- the automatic increase in the alienated productive forces of class-society will lead: that is to say, so as to measure the rapid degradation of the conditions for survival in the most general and trivial senses of the term.

While imbecilic reactionaries still hold forth on and against an aesthetic critique of all this, and believe themselves lucid and modern when they affect to marry their century by proclaiming that the super-highway and Sarcelles have their own beauty, which one must prefer to the discomfort of the "picturesque" old neighborhoods, or by gravely remarking that the entirety of the population eats better, despite those nostalgic for good food, the problem of the degradation of the totality of the natural and human environment already completely ceases to pose itself on the plane of so-called ancient quality, aesthetic or otherwise, and radically becomes the problem of the material possibility for existence of a world that pursues such a movement. This impossibility is in fact already perfectly demonstrated by all of separated scientific knowledge, which now only discusses the expiration [date] and the palliatives that, if one applies them diligently, can slightly delay it. Such a science can only accompany to destruction a world that has produced it and has it, but is forced to do so with open eyes. It thus shows, to a caricatural degree, the uselessness of knowledge without use.

Anti-Nukleer Cephe (ANC — Anti-Nuclear Front) writes:

No Nuclear Future for Turkey!

Anti-Nuclear Front was in action in Istanbul against the nuclear plans in Anatolia and Thrace. [For photos: www.antinukleer.org]

Anti-Nukleer Cephe (ANC — Anti-Nuclear Front) made an action against the nuclear plans in Anatolia and Thrace. The government hand-in-hand with global usurpers wants to build 3 or 5 nuclear power plants in Anatolia and Thrace. The certain decision has not been declared yet, but the Minister of Energy speaks of constructing nuclear power plants. ANC has begun its campaign against the nuclear greed of the power with distributing pamphlets on February 17.

Killer Whale Is Most Toxic Mammal in Arctic, Says WWF

Killer whales are the most toxic mammals in the
Arctic, riddled with household chemicals from around the world, the
environmental pressure group WWF said on Monday.

Scientists found that the blubber of killer whales, or Orcas, taken from a
fjord in Arctic Norway was full of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs),
pesticides and even a flame retardent often used on carpets.

Brazil's Amazon States Suffer Record Drought

Larry Rohter, New York Times

MANAQUIRI, Brazil — The Amazon River basin, the world's largest rain
forest, is grappling with a devastating drought that in some areas
is the worst since record keeping began a century ago. It has
evaporated whole lagoons and kindled forest fires, killed off fish
and crops, stranded boats and the villagers who travel by them,
brought disease and wreaked economic havoc.

In mid-October, the governor of Amazonas State, Eduardo Braga,
decreed a "state of public calamity," which remains in effect as the
drought's impact on the economy, public health and food and fuel
supplies deepens. But other Brazilian states have also been severely
affected, as have Amazon regions in neighboring countries like Peru,
Bolivia and Colombia.

"FBI Arrests Suspected Eco-Terrorists"

Paul Shukovsky, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In a series of coordinated raids around the nation Wednesday, federal agents arrested six suspected eco-terrorists for arsons at four locations and the destruction of an electric transmission tower in the Northwest.

The arrests could mean a break in the investigation of the May 21, 2001, firebombing of the University of Washington’s Urban Horticulture Center.

Fish Numbers Plummet in Warming Pacific

Geoffrey Lean,
UK Independent

Disappearance of plankton causes unprecedented collapse in sea and
bird life off western US coast

A catastrophic collapse in sea and bird life numbers along America's
Northwest Pacific seaboard is raising fears that global warming is
beginning to irreparably damage the health of the oceans.

Scientists say a dramatic rise in the ocean temperature led to
unprecedented deaths of birds and fish this summer all along the
coast from central California to British Columbia in Canada.

Anarcho writes:

Solidarity South Pacific

The following was written by a British activist who has been involved in Solidarity South Pacific since its beginning. The opinions expressed are his and cannot be viewed as an agreed SSP policy, however it is probable that most of what is said would find broad agreement within SSP.

“Solidarity South Pacific aims to provide active solidarity with tribal and ecological struggles, mainly in the Philippines, West Papua and Bougainville. (A brief background to the situation in these places is given in the boxes below). We are a network based mainly in Britain and the U.S but with other contacts elsewhere in the world. We are very much a part of the radical ecological movement, viewing our solidarity work as an extension of our ecological and liberation struggles at home. We are not an NGO and have no paid staff.

SSP can almost be viewed as 3 separate solidarity campaigns operating under the same name and it may seem strange that we choose to do this. From our point of view though it makes sense to organise like this as much of the work takes a similar form and we are able to share information, experience and resources. Also, although we recognise that situations vary hugely within and between countries, our desire to act in solidarity with tribal struggles and to protect eco-systems applies to them all. In their relations with the land and with each other, tribal communities can be an inspiration to anarchists and ecologists. Their fight against destruction is linked to our own.”

Click Here 2 read more www.a-manila.org

Japan Sending Radioactive Toxins to Utah

Material Ruled 'Ore' Instead of Waste

Judy Fahys, Salt Lake Tribune

Five-hundred tons of uranium-contaminated soil from Japan is headed to Utah's southeastern desert.

That's good news for International Uranium Corp.'s White Mesa mill, which has not processed ore for six years.
But, for environmental activists, the shipment signals that the state has opened a Pandora's box, making Utah not just a national destination for radioactive discards but now a global one.

"It's the precedent," said Claire Geddes, pointing out that the state already has the nation's largest privately owned and operated low-level radioactive waste site and that a high-level storage facility also is planned. "This [Japanese waste] is a scenario for a nightmare to me."

"Apocalypse Now:

How Mankind Is Sleepwalking to the End of the Earth"

Maria Gilardin, Dissident Voice

This headline appeared in the London Independent in early February of 2005, following a conference at the Hadley Centre in Exeter, England, where 200 of the world’s leading scientists issued the most urgent warning to date: that dangerous climate change is taking place today, and not the day after tomorrow.

Floods, storms, and droughts. Melting polar ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. Scientists from the fields of glaciology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, and ecology reported seeing a dramatic rise over the last 50 years of all the indicators of climate change: increase in average world temperatures, extreme weather events, in the levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, and in the level of the oceans.

"Global Warming Hits 'Tipping Point':

Siberia Feels the Heat"

Ian Sample, The Guardian

It's a frozen peat bog the size of France and Germany combined, contains billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas and, for the first time since the ice age, it is melting

A vast expanse of western Sibera is undergoing an unprecedented thaw that could dramatically increase the rate of global warming, climate scientists warn today.

Researchers who have recently returned from the region found that an area of permafrost spanning a million square kilometres — the size of France and Germany combined — has started to melt for the first time since it formed 11,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age.


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