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Anniversary of Kronstadt Revolt Commemorated, March 7

March 7th is a harrowing date for the toilers of the so-called "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" who participated in one capacity or another in the events that occurred on that date in Kronstadt. The commemoration of that date is equally painful for the toilers of all countries, for it brings back the memory of what the free workers and sailors of Kronstadt demanded of their Red
executioner, the "Russian Communist Party," and its tool, the "Soviet" government, busy doing the Russian revolution to death.

Kronstadt insisted of these statist hangmen that they hand back everything that belonged to the toilers of town and country, given that it was they who had carried out the revolution. The Kronstadters insisted upon the practical implementation of the foundations of the October revolution:

Portuguese Conference on "World English"

"Language -- Communication -- Culture"

Evora, Portugal, Nov. 27-30, 2002

Announcement and Call for Papers

The "English in the World: New Directions" team, at the University of Evora, and the English Culture Studies Group, at the University of Lisbon, decided earlier this year, after consultations which took place during and after the Fifth International English Culture Conference held in Lisbon on Nov. 28-30, 2001, to co-organise an International Conference that could combine, and give a wider scope to, their distinct but complementary
projects -- the Evora project with its focus on the role, developments and prospects of English in the world, both as the language of communication and culture in English-speaking nations and as a second and foreign language, the lingua franca of communication and culture in the major contemporary transnational flows; the Lisbon project with its focus on a
social sciences and humanities approach to culture and major contemporary themes, problematics and theories.

Anonymous Comrade writes "

"Drugaciji svijet je moguc!" ["Another World is Possible!"]

We gathered in initiative "Drugaciji svijet je moguc" to create a wide social coalition which can offer alternatives to corporate globalisation, capitalism, neoliberalism, and which would work towards creation of general economic, political and social
equality. Our statement, something that we might call the "main text" of our manifesto, partly makes use of some conclusions made in Porto Alegre during WSF meeting, although it's more local, since the manifestation that we organise is happening in Zagreb.

The initiative is organised by a wide range of groups and individuals, from anarchist groups to human right groups, from feminist groups to anti-militarist groups. Also, we "negotiate" with workers unions, as we find them important (although
we can't agree with everything they do) in the process of fighting global and local problems. Our main idea is not to include political parties in this initiative and any other group that might be racist, nationalist, xenophobic, or exists to get power over people.

Shuffle Boil Poetry and Music Magazine Debuts

Edited by David Meltzer & Steve Dickison

Issue No. 1 is now available, 48pp. + 8pp chapbook insert, saddlestapled, b&w cover-art on glossy cover stock. Published tri-annually (winter, spring, fall).

Featuring: poets & other artists writing on music, musicians' poetry & song.

Defy the G8, Come to Kananaskis, Alberta

June 21 to 28, 2002

The G8 meeting in Kananaskis, Alberta June 26-27,
2002 presents a challenge
to social movements around the world. This summit
of the dominant economies
of the world strives to present the G8 vision of the
world as one of
development and democracy. In fact, it represents
an agenda of corporate
globalization, which results in the social exclusion
of growing millions of
people, systemic global poverty, and the degradation
of the natural
environment, supported by escalating international

Civil society in Alberta is mobilizing to confront
the G8 and present an
alternative vision to corporate globalization. We
invite people across the
country and around the world to join with us in
building a festival of
resistance to the G8 in Kananaskis.

"Crossover Resistance" Seminar Set for Berlin, April 19–21, 2002

We start from the assumption that all relations of power and domination are intimately bound up with one another. That's why we are putting nation, patriarchy, capitalism, heterosexism, antisemitism and racism in their interrelations on the agenda.
By doing this, we hope to open up new perspectives for resistance.

Hong Kong Institute on "Public Criticism and Visual Culture"

Summer, 2002

Dear friends and colleagues,

You are cordially invited to a Summer Institute on "Public Criticism and Visual Culture" sponsored by the Hong Kong Institute of Cultural Criticism (HKICC) and the Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong (CSGC, HKU). Established in 2001, the HKICC is a
consortium of scholars from various universities in Hong Kong whose specialty is in cultural criticism and cultural studies research. It aims to promote inter-institutional collaboration and trans-disciplinary scholarship in cultural studies and to develop Hong Kong into an internationally recognized place for the practice of contemporary cultural studies and cultural research. This Summer Institute will be one of its important academic events this year.

Mobilize for Global Justice

April 19-22 in Washington, DC

Come to Washington DC April 19-22 for an extravaganza of events and make
your voice heard for global justice.

The World Bank and IMF will host another round of meetings in Washington
D.C. April 20-21. These meetings come in the wake of the economic crisis
in Argentina, where the free-market policies pushed around the world by
the World Bank and IMF unraveled into . They also come after the collapse
of the multinational-corporate-giant Enron -- a model of the abuses and
strength of corporate power. The Mobilization for Global Justice calls on
activists from around the country to converge in Washington, DC April
19-22 and make your voice heard.

March 15th Declared International Day Against Police Brutality

Brutality: An extreme manifestation of police "force".

The Police: A bunch of organized and legalized
criminals at the service of capitalism and the state.

In Montreal: Demonstration called by COPB. Friday
March 15th. Berri Square. 5p.m. Contact:

In Quebec City: March 15th Cultural event. Contact:nefacquebec

In Toronto: March 15th. Mass flyering in the
working-class (and police occupied) neighborhood of
Parkdale. Contact the Freyheyt Collective at

In Boston: Educationnal. Lucy Parsons Center. Contact: sabate36

First Congress of US Basic Income Guarantee Network:

Fundamental Insecurity or Basic Income Guarantee

March 8-9, 2002

The CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Sponsored by: The Center for Social Justice, School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University, The Center for the Study of Culture, Technology, and Work at the CUNY Graduate Center, Continuing Education and Public Programs at the CUNY Graduate Center, and The Citizen Policies Institute


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