Radical media, politics and culture.


Marxism and the Visual Arts Now

University College London

8-10 April 2002

Plenary Themes:

Marxism and Cultural Practice Today

Art or Aesthetics?

Session Themes

Methodology: Dialectic, Negative Dialectics and other Materialist Modes of

Marxism and Aesthetic Value

Stages in the Formation of the Popular and the Crisis of Cultural Studies

The Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Bloc

Racialization, Gendering and Sexing of Class and its Implications for
Marxist Cultural Work

Psychoanalysis and Materialist Theories of the Subject

Technology, Commodification, and Cultural Form in the Era of Globalization

What is Living and What is Dead in the Situationist International?

Issues in Cultural Production in Second and Third World Countries

The Sociology of the Contemporary Art World

george writes "e-mail: libasoli.bremen@gmx.de


Urgent call for international support (27.01.02)

Campaign for Solidarity with stateless Lebanese Kurds

Deportation of 550 stateless Lebanese Kurds from City of Bremen
After 12 years of settlement in Bremen, going to school, having found
employment or businesses established a group of 550 of our colleagues,
friends, neighbours and schoolmates have been served with deportation
For two years, a solidarity campaign could win time again and again, but
by now things have been worsened.

We now need any support from any level to get through the obvious
solution: a right to stay on humanitarian grounds.

We need YOUR protest fax or email from wherever in the world you are
based. The authorities need to understand that they are watched by many.
So, please take some minutes to write a protest note to the addresses
listed below.

Making Social Movements:

The British Marxist Historians and the Study of
Social Movements

June 26-28, 2002, Edge Hill College of Higher Education, England

Conference Sponsors

The Social Movements Research Group, Edge Hill College of Higher Education,
The London Socialist Historians Group, The Socialist History Society,
Historical Materialism

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Dorothy Thompson

Brian Manning

Bryan D Palmer

Ellen Wood

On Saturday 4 May 2002 from 10.00am to 6.30pm, the Department of Politics
and International Studies at the University of Warwick will host its fourth
annual conference for postgraduate students working in political theory or
political philosophy. The three previous events have been very successful,
attracting a wide range of high quality papers, and participants from many
countries. Past participants have reported that the conference provides a
useful opportunity for graduate students to gain experience and receive
feedback on work in progress.

As well as postgraduate papers, there will be two Plenary Sessions. Prof.
Harry Brighouse (Institute of Education, London) and Dr. Matthew Clayton
(Brunel) will debate Liberalism, Autonomy, and the Family. Dr. Stuart Elden
(Warwick) will discuss Heidegger's Rhetorical Politics.

Postgraduates interested in giving papers should send abstracts (400-500
words) by no later than March 29, 2002. Papers may deal with any area within
contemporary political theory, political philosophy, or the history of
political thought, but should take no more than twenty minutes to present.
Those interested in attending the conference should reserve a place no later
than April 19, 2002. Attendance is free of charge.

All correspondence, or further inquiries, should be addressed to Dr. C.
Woodard, either at PAIS, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, or

If you would like a poster version (Word attachment) of this message please
either contact Chris or stuart.elden@warwick.ac.uk

14th Conference of North American & Cuban Philosophers, Social Scientists

Havana, Cuba, June 18-July 2, 2002

North American philosophers and social scientists are invited to participate
along with Cuban counterparts in this annual event in Havana, Cuba. In past
years as many as 75 North Americans have joined with 140 Cubans for a week
of discussions, followed by another week of visits to various organizations
and sites of interest. The 14th conference will take place at the
University of Havana from June 24-28.

The Institute for Applied Autonomy has posted "ISee", a surveillance-camera-avoidance mapping router for urban demonstration purposes. Visit it on-line at ISee

Topple the WEF with puppets and props! We have some amazing art happening, but there is so much to be created/finished and rehearsed in the coming days. The more vibrant, explosive, and theatrical our pageant, the more successfull -- and powerful -- it will be. These are some of our best tools to get our messages out in a positive way. Please mobilize yourself and your friends this week to do street theater and make puppets! All of these elements will be key in making the WEF actions effective. We also really need people who can pick up cardboard tubes from garment or fabric stores/shops and big flats of cardboard. Anything you can contribute: time, paint, fabric, music -- everyone is welcome!

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Newsletter

January, 2002

"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of

(Michael Collins, former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

Welcome to the January 2002 edition of the ELP Newsletter. Britain is
currently witnessing the proposal of some of the most pro-development,
anti-environmental legislation ever seen. (See "Earth Liberation
Investigation" on page 4). With such proposals being made, ELP would not be
surprised to see an increase in Earth First! style protests. But with that
runs the risk of imprisonment. It is totally unjustified that people should
have to risk imprisonment because they want to try and save one little piece of
the planet. It is totally unforgivable if, once inside, that prisoner was not
given the support they deserve. Remember, no matter how long they are serving,
they all deserve our support. Support the Earth Liberation prisoners.

hydrarchist writes:
New York Social Forum Preparatory Conference

Sunday January 27, 2002, 10 am - 5 pm

Brecht Forum

122 W. 27th Street, 10th floor, New York City

This year, New York is playing host to the World Economic Forum (WEF),
which will be held from January 31st to February 4th, 2002. According
to the WEF, their annual summits define the global political,
economic, and business agenda for the year.

The WEF is a leading proponent of neo-liberal globalization, and its
membership is composed of CEOs as well as heads of state, trade
ministers, and intellectual elites. While the WEF claims to be in
solidarity with New Yorkers, the interests it represents are those of
its elite members. In Porto Alegr? Brazil, the WEF's annual meetings
have become the occasion for building positive alternatives to the
current world order at a World Social Forum. We believe the WEF's
visit to New York presents our city with a similar occasion.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Friends and comrades, please take a moment to read this important message,
and please forward along.

From Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be meeting
at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan for its annual summit. Alexander
Downer, who attended the 1998 Summit, describes the Summit as
the world's 'Business Olympics'. The yearly meeting, usually
held at WEF headquarters in Davos, Switzerland, was rescheduled
to meet in New York as a token of support for the injuries our
city sustained on September 11th. In reality, this meeting and
the agenda it represents are an affront to the people of New York,
who, like many others around the world, face a period of economic
uncertainty and austerity which threatens their very livelihoods.


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