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Mobilize for Global Justice in Washington, DC, April 19–22

Mobilize for Global Justice

April 19-22 in Washington, DC

Come to Washington DC April 19-22 for an extravaganza of events and make
your voice heard for global justice.

The World Bank and IMF will host another round of meetings in Washington
D.C. April 20-21. These meetings come in the wake of the economic crisis
in Argentina, where the free-market policies pushed around the world by
the World Bank and IMF unraveled into . They also come after the collapse
of the multinational-corporate-giant Enron -- a model of the abuses and
strength of corporate power. The Mobilization for Global Justice calls on
activists from around the country to converge in Washington, DC April
19-22 and make your voice heard.
The protests against the World Bank and the IMF will take place in
solidarity and cooperation with the mass mobilization against the US
Intervention in Colombia and the School of the Americas (SOA) and the
April 20 March on Washington to Stop the War at Home and Abroad.

These issues are all part of the same fight for global justice. Military
power often works hand in hand with economic institutions like the World
Bank and IMF. Democractic resistance to the privatizations, forced
relocations and economic austerity measures pushed by the World Bank and
IMF are often suppressed by military force.

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