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Defy the G8, Come to Kananaskis, Alberta

Defy the G8, Come to Kananaskis, Alberta

June 21 to 28, 2002

The G8 meeting in Kananaskis, Alberta June 26-27,
2002 presents a challenge
to social movements around the world. This summit
of the dominant economies
of the world strives to present the G8 vision of the
world as one of
development and democracy. In fact, it represents
an agenda of corporate
globalization, which results in the social exclusion
of growing millions of
people, systemic global poverty, and the degradation
of the natural
environment, supported by escalating international

Civil society in Alberta is mobilizing to confront
the G8 and present an
alternative vision to corporate globalization. We
invite people across the
country and around the world to join with us in
building a festival of
resistance to the G8 in Kananaskis.

Solidarity Village will be a microcosm of the
possible - a place where we
can strategize, tell stories, share regional issues;
build long-term
coalitions; demonstrate living alternatives to
capitalism and teach each
other new ways to manifest dissent.

Solidarity Village will provide a setting for
education, teach-ins, and
workshops, and celebrate art, music, and drama as an
integral part of
building a global popular movement. It will provide
a space for
convergence, medical and legal aid, independent
media, and other support to
individuals and groups participating in direct
action. It will strive to
create a collective, inclusive and diverse space
that respects human safety,
the environment, and the First Nations people, who
have invited us to their

Solidarity Village will grow out of the foothills
near the summit site of
Kananaskis Village. Workshops and training will
begin on summer solstice,
June 21, and the camp will build to its height the
days of the G8 Summit,
June 26 and 27.

The Village will be a collective vision, and we call
on individuals and
groups to participate in the camp by organizing
workshops, coordinating
tents, creating art and music, providing resources,
assisting with
logistics, or by mobilizing your community to challenge
the G8 with Albertans. We also call on people to
act in solidarity with us
in Kananaskis by resisting the G8 in their
communities, their regions, and
their countries.

To get involved in Solidarity Village:
Visit the website at solidarity village or
email us at

In Solidarity,

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of

Alberta Federation of Labour

Co-Motion Collective

EcoCity, Edmonton

Council of Canadians

Edmonton G8 Planning Collective

Alberta Council for Global Cooperation

Calgary District Labour Council