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Croatian Conference & Demo, "Drugaciji Svijet Je Moguc!" ("Another World Is Possible"), April 19-20,

Anonymous Comrade writes "

"Drugaciji svijet je moguc!" ["Another World is Possible!"]

We gathered in initiative "Drugaciji svijet je moguc" to create a wide social coalition which can offer alternatives to corporate globalisation, capitalism, neoliberalism, and which would work towards creation of general economic, political and social
equality. Our statement, something that we might call the "main text" of our manifesto, partly makes use of some conclusions made in Porto Alegre during WSF meeting, although it's more local, since the manifestation that we organise is happening in Zagreb.

The initiative is organised by a wide range of groups and individuals, from anarchist groups to human right groups, from feminist groups to anti-militarist groups. Also, we "negotiate" with workers unions, as we find them important (although
we can't agree with everything they do) in the process of fighting global and local problems. Our main idea is not to include political parties in this initiative and any other group that might be racist, nationalist, xenophobic, or exists to get power over people.

The main plan for the manifestation is:

Friday, 19th of April, 2002. Conference "Drugaciji svijet je moguc!"

The idea of the conference is to present the main problems and some of the solutions that we can offer. Some of the issues that we want to cover are GMO, alternative economy, organic farming and permaculture, alternative energy sources, but also to present some projects that already work on these issues and by that are very realistic alternative. This is all very new in Croatia and it's necessary to present it in this "official" way.

The program for the conference and names of the guest speakers will be created by the end of March or first days of April. We are open for any new ideas and possible participation in theconference.

Saturday, 20th of April, 2002. The street manifestation "Drugaciji svijet je moguc"

The manifestation is divided in two parts:

Cvjetni Square -- This part of manifestation is meant to be a place to gather and move from, but also as a source of information for people passing by, meaning everyone in town. We'll have few info points (and very active as well), covering different topics (Food Not Bombs, Books To Prisoners, @ Info, anti-militarist campaign, environmental destruction caused by MMF and WB programs, Take It or Leave It! fair, etc.). Place for more info points is still open... Beside that, there will be some performances and music, which is also still open...

Non-violent protest -- We plan to organise a moving protest from that square through town centre to MMF office, say there what we think and move further through the town centre. The main idea is to get more attention for the manifestation...

We invite you to come and participate in this manifestation, to help organising it or just to come when manifestation takes place. Also, if you can provide any help from financial side, that would be great, as our funds are really low (although, we plan to do this thing with minimum budget).

If you're planing to come, please, contact us first and tell us what you can do, what are your needs and how many people you expect to come from your group, town, area... We can provide some sleeping places, although that might be a problem for bigger groups of people...

Contact: sara.petra