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abolish the bank

During the World Economic Forum, more than 200 people from all over the world were arrested and are facing criminal charges for participating in protests against the exploitive agenda promoted by this concentration of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. The vast majority of the charges are baseless and were trumped up by the police. These protestors
were arrested for simply expressing their beliefs. Even if any of these charges are factually accurate, they are illegitimate attempts by the state to punish political expression.

Chuck Morse writes "Dear Friends and Comrades,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about a very special opportunity to study the history of Mexico City's social structures, the opposition movements that have challenged them, and to meet many of the great activists that live and work here.

Mexico City Study Tour
May 19th - May 27th 2002

http://www.social-ecology.org/programs/winter/mexi co.html

"Chilling Effects" Clearinghouse for Free Speech & Fair Use Announced

Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, the EFF, and law school
clinics at Stanford, Berkeley, and USF today announced the launch of the
Chilling Effects clearinghouse: Chilling Effects

Chilling Effects aims to protect free expression and fair use online.

Chilling Effects will be a collection point for Cease and Desist notices
concerning online activity -- we invite visitors to enter C&Ds they have
received or sent. The website will collect the C&Ds in a searchable
database and hyperlink them to explanations of the legal issues. As it
gathers data, we'll begin to analyze trends in the use and abuse of legal
threats. How much legitimate activity is stopped by baseless claims?

I hope you'll browse the site and add any notices you've received. We cover
topics including anticircumvention, the DMCA safe harbor for ISPs,
trademark, and anonymity.

Press release follows.


Palestinian Activist Forum Set for NYC, March 2, 2002

MAR 2 SAT, 10 am to 6 pm -- Palestine Activist Forum. Activist networking
discussion and planning the Palestine activist movement in NY. Columbia
University, Hamilton Hall, Rm. #602, 116 Street and Broadway (Take 1 or 9
train to 116th stop). $5 suggested donation - no one will be turned away.
Jews Against the Occupation, Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, NYU
Students for Justice in Palestine and Women in Black. RSVP:

Agenda for Palestine Activist Forum

10:00-10:30: Registration and Introduction

10:30 - 12:30: Panel Discussion: Assessment of the Current Situation

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 - 3:15: Overview of Palestine Solidarity Work

A. Divestment / A report back from the Students for Justice in Palestine
Conference in Berkeley: Suzanne Adeley

B. Targeting U.S. Aid to Israel: Speaker representing SUSTAIN

C. Right of Return: Speaker representing Al-Awda

D. International Solidarity Movement: Jordan Flaherty

E. Jews Against the Occupation and Women in Black: Naomi Braine

3:15 - 3:30 Break

3:30 - 6:00: Developing Strategies for NY Solidarity Work

Breakout groups - 45 minutes

General Discussion - 45 minutes

Next steps - 45 minutes

Informal gathering after the forum.

From Port Huron to Kent State Conference

Kent State University, Ohio, May 30-31, June 1-2, 2002

To: Old friends and new, x-sds, seniors for a democratic society,
survivors for a democratic society, veterans of the movements past and activists of today.


Notes introducing a discussion:

Many people have suggested "we" need, for now, what "the Port Huron
Statement" did in the 1960's, a manifesto of our times by young people
of all ages, ready and engaged in action. A "new" Port Huron Statement now
would have to bridge many generations and represent better the diversity
of the world and engage better some of the unresolved controversies of
change the world politics.

A new Port Huron Statement would probably be some combination of a
compendium of experiences by those who did and learned what many dreamed
about, and new assertions of perspective, free from the shackles of
experience, responding to new conditions, rooted in the many fronts of
the struggle now all over the world.

What should be said in a new statement, of use for action, helping
cooperation and focus?

A conference is planned at Kent State University, Ohio, May 30-31, June
1-2, 2002, in part, to evaluate the response to this question.
I agreed to be "a coordinator," gathering words and reflecting them
back, extending the invitation to participate and helping get a process
together, trying to be a model of collective writing and participatory democracy.

The Nestor Makhno Archive has undergone an extensive
update with the addition of many pages which previously
were linked off-site together with many new additions.

There are now 47 on-site documents in 14 different languages
including the new Anarchist FAQ section on the Makhnovists.

As always, additions in any language are gratefully received
and the URL is, as ever:


Noam Chomsky will be giving a talk in New York tomorrow evening.

Event details are at Autonomedia Events Calendar

Chomsky has just returned from Turkey where he attended the trial of his
Turkish publisher who was facing up to a year in jail for publishing an
essay of Chomsky's.

Some Chomsky comments on his Turkish visit may be found below:

Popular Education for a Free Society

Spring & Summer 2002 Courses in Social Ecology

The Institute for Social Ecology (ISE), located amid central Vermont's
rolling mountains, has been a center for education and action working with
the ideas of social ecology since the 1970s. The ISE and its programs also
serve as a forum for serious dialogue among ecological, social justice, and
anti-capitalist activists, as a laboratory for new ecological technologies,
and as a resource for community groups around the world. For the spring and
summer of 2002, the ISE is again offering its widely acclaimed programs.

Help "Wipout" Intellectual Property: A Counter-Essay Contest

WIPOUT, the international intellectual property counter-essay contest, is
entering its latter stages after receiving more than 30 essays from 12
countries. The closing date for entries is 15 March 2002.

Entrants are asked
to address the same topic that the World Intellectual Property Organization
asked in a contest it also launched in 2001: "What does intellectual
property mean to you in your daily life?" All of the essays submitted to
WIPOUT to date and the contest rules can be found on the WIPOUT site:


Submissions are welcome in English, French, German and Spanish.

Conference on Cultural Imperialism

October 17-20, 2002, Trier, Germany

A two-day conference is being planned to be held in fall 2002 in Trier,
Germany, on Cultural Imperialism.

Contributions are invited from all relevant fields including history of
arts, architecture, history, popular music, the media, advertising and
PR, sociology, economics, political lobbying, WTO-GATS, food,
linguistics and others. Publication of the proceedings is intended.

The Conference on Cultural Imperialism (working title) will begin on
Thursday october 17, 2002, with diner and perhaps a first evening
session. We will have two working days, Friday 18 and Saturday 19, and
participants will depart on Sunday 20 October after breakfast. The
venue is Robert Schuman House, Trier, a well-equipped new conference
center above the city of Trier where participants will also stay
overnight. At this moment we think about a more symposium-like
(Friday) aiming at sorting out the multiple facets of cultural
imperialism and pulling strings together, and a public event on
aiming at media coverage.


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