Radical media, politics and culture.


"Resistance is Fertile"

Radical Agro-Ecology and

Guerrilla Gardening Conference,

The Hague, April 8-18, 2002

Preliminary Programme

Location RIF Social Center:

Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, Den Haag (Tram 10 'Statenkwartier'
from Den Haag Central Station or Den Haag Holland Spoor. Ask
the driver where to get out. Tel: (+31) (0)20-6682236 (ASEED)
for help or more info, or mail rif@gn.apc.org)

All day and every day:

Delicious food by Rampenplan

Make your own media in the socia-media center

Infotransportbike, info-point and streetradio

Sweating and sowing in the new community garden!

Painting banners and making other action materials

Infostand inside the Conference Center

Walks on the beach (15 min by tram)

Join Soft Skull Press for drinks, dancing, and discussion to announce the release of Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization edited by Eddie Yuen, Daniel Burton-Rose and George Katsiaficas.

Topics of conversation will range from thoughts on the World Economic Forum and new strategy, gaining perspective on the movement's history, information about institutions of globalization, and more. Stay late for dancing with DJ Repo Man.

Tuesday, March 19th, 7:30PM, at Walker Stage

(56 Walker Street, between Church and Broadway)

(Subway 1,2 to Franklin Street)

$5 admission

Speakers and performers include:

Stanley Aronowitz

Seth Tobocman

Eddie Yuen

L. A. Kauffman

George Caffentzis

Sylvia Federici

Eliot Katz

Rachel Neumann

Jim Davis

Andrew Hsiao

Dancing tunes will be provided by DJ Repo Man.

German Free Workers Union

Plans International Anarcho-Syndicalist

Solidarity Conference, Essen, August, 2002

i2002 International Solidarity Conference Newsletter 01

Table of Contents:

-- Preface

-- Ideas & Action

-- Website

-- FAQ

-- We already need your support

-- Communication


Dear comrades,

This is the first i2002-Newsletter. It is available to all of you that
asked for subscription to the i2002 announcement list. To learn more on handling the list, see the instructions at the very end of this newsletter.

We have been very busy in organizing the conference for the past few months. Once we started the concrete preparations, the organizational issues as well as the discussions about the character of the conference, we will now start to provide more detailed information.

The second issue of The Red Critique, an online Marxist journal of analysis of the contemporary, is now available at:
Red Critique

Kimberly DeFazio, "Urban Post-Theory, Class and The City"

Julie Torrant, "Family, Capital and the Left Now"

Ranganayakamma, "Are Marxian Categories Adequate to Understand 'Gender' and
'Caste' questions?"

Jennifer Cotter, "The Guardian of Profit"

Rob Wilkie, "'Destiny' is the Articulation of Class Power"

We invite classical Marxist critiques of the contemporary for our next issue. Please see submissions guidelines on our website.

"Under Fire"

Critical Arts:
A Journal of South-North
Cultural and Media Studies

The post-millennium world has seen a rapid escalation of violent conflicts in the Middle East, West, Central and some areas of Southern Africa, and ongoing civil wars and human rights abuses in a variety of other regions across the world.

In keeping with its interpretation of cultural studies as a form
of praxis, of experience, and of strategic intervention, in which
individuals find themselves caught up in broader process over
which they may have little or no control, Critical Arts has
instituted a new Section, "Under Fire". The aim of this section
is to invite short theorised autobiographies and dramatic
narratives of what it is like living under fire, of the relevance
of cultural studies in such circumstances, and how it could be
deployed to challenge such conditions. (Length: anything up to
2000 words.) How does one explain the contradictions, the
opposing ir/rationalities, the fracturing of logics which so
brutally feed political solidarities at any cost?

"Guy Debord Literary Society"

Anti-Capitalist Reading Collective Announced, New York City

In the midst of our everyday organizing, we as activists often leave little time for discussion on theory, history and current issues. In response to that, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence is proud to launch a new reading and discussion group, the Guy Debord Literary Society.

The aim is to meet monthly, after choosing a text or book and reading that throughout the following month. Everyone will be responsible for buying, not buying, or borrowing the book and reading it within the month, with the goal of having a discussion at the end of the month.

We are working on a relationship with May Day Books where they would order the books and sell them to us at discount prices.
We are also hoping to build more relationships with local book presses.

Chosen texts would be of an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian nature, either tying in with our current work, or educating ourselves. Books could be the staples [i.e. Mutual Aid, The Society of the Spectacle, etc.] as well as the obscure less known ones. Alternatively, a month could have a theme, and people read different books relating to that theme.

In relation to our ongoing security discussion, the first book will be Brian Glick's War at Home, published by South End Press. If you want to participate, you would have to this text by the time of our first meeting and discussion, Thursday March 28, 7 PM. It's very short, so it will sort of be a trial book to see how things go.

All Welcome. Please contact me for suggestions, queries, or if you want to be involved.

Who: Guy Debord Literary Society

Sponsored by the New York City
Anti-Capitalist Convergence

When: Thursday, March 28 7:00 PM
Topic: We will be discussing Brian Glick's War At Home
Location TBA


"I have read many books in my life, but I have drunk even more." -- Guy Debord

2nd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference

Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park, Surry Hills

Sydney, Australia

7pm, March 28-April 1, 2002

The agenda for the large conference is listed below:

Regeneration, A Monthly Anarchist/Libertarian Communist Paper from Los Angeles in Spanish
and English


A small group of local anarchists has recently started a paper in the tradition of Ricardo Flores Magon's Regeneracion, which was published in Los Angeles from 1910-1918. Regeneration is an anarchist monthly newsletter of local politics, events and culture for Southern California. Our goal is a libertarian communist society and an end to capitalism, racism, patriarchy, the state and other bad stuff. We see education as
vital to building the revolutionary movement and we hope the distribution of news and analyses aids this task. Anyone is welcome to submit articles to the newsletter. We ask that they be relevant to Los Angeles residents, and that they tell the story from an anarchist perspective (we interpret these criteria very broadly!). We would especially like submissions of artwork, book reviews, movie reviews, etc. and announcements of local

Anonymous Comrade writes "The new English web pages of the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation and Czechoslovak Anarchist Association monthly magazine A-kontra are now


New web pages include regulary updated anarchist news service from Czechia in English.

We ask all webmasters who link our old web pages to change the link to a new one because due to technical problems we have lost acces to the old web pages and they are not updated any more.

A-kontra collective"

A new issue of Cultural Logic is now on line at:

cultural logic

Here is the index:


Theodore W. Allen

"On Roediger's Wages of Whiteness

Bill V. Mullen

"Notes on Black Marxism"

Ahmet Öncü and Ahmet Hasim Köse

"Re-Considering the Meaning of 'Scientific Management' from a Marxist

Nicholas J. Smith

"Why Hardcore Goes Soft:
Adorno, Japanese Noise, and the Extirpation of Dissonance"

Susanne Soederberg

"Deconstructing the Neo-liberal Promise of Prosperity and Stability:
Who Gains from the Maquiladorization of Mexican Society?"

Sam Coombes

"Sartre's Concept of Bad Faith in Relation to the Marxist Notion of False
Inauthenticity and Ideology Re-Examined"


"Living History: Talking with Tito"

An Interview with John Gerassi by Tony Monchinski

"Big Apple Redux"

An Interview with Marshall Berman by Tony Monchinski


E. O. Wilson's Consilience

Reviewed by Lucas MacKenzie

Paula L. M. Moya and Michael Hames-Garcia, eds.,
Reclaiming Identity: Realist Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism

Reviewed by Barbara Foley

Satya P. Mohanty's Literary Theory and the Claims of History:
Postmodernism, Objectivity, Multicultural Politics


Paula L. M. Moya and Michael Hames-Garcia, eds.,
Reclaiming Identity: Realist Theory and the Predicament of Postmodernism

Reviewed by Carol J. Moeller

Alan Gilbert, Must Global Politics Constrain Democracy?
Great-Power Realism, Democratic Peace, and Democratic Internationalism

Reviewed by Alan Spector


Puja Ahluwalia

"Dorcelina Falador"

Sean Thomas Dougherty

"American Sonnet #1" and Other Poems

Dee Rimbaud

"A New Clean American Dream"

Best wishes,

David Siar, co-editor


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