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"Guy Debord Literary Society" Anti-Capitalist Reading Collective Announced, New York City

"Guy Debord Literary Society"

Anti-Capitalist Reading Collective Announced, New York City

In the midst of our everyday organizing, we as activists often leave little time for discussion on theory, history and current issues. In response to that, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence is proud to launch a new reading and discussion group, the Guy Debord Literary Society.

The aim is to meet monthly, after choosing a text or book and reading that throughout the following month. Everyone will be responsible for buying, not buying, or borrowing the book and reading it within the month, with the goal of having a discussion at the end of the month.

We are working on a relationship with May Day Books where they would order the books and sell them to us at discount prices.
We are also hoping to build more relationships with local book presses.

Chosen texts would be of an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian nature, either tying in with our current work, or educating ourselves. Books could be the staples [i.e. Mutual Aid, The Society of the Spectacle, etc.] as well as the obscure less known ones. Alternatively, a month could have a theme, and people read different books relating to that theme.

In relation to our ongoing security discussion, the first book will be Brian Glick's War at Home, published by South End Press. If you want to participate, you would have to this text by the time of our first meeting and discussion, Thursday March 28, 7 PM. It's very short, so it will sort of be a trial book to see how things go.

All Welcome. Please contact me for suggestions, queries, or if you want to be involved.

Who: Guy Debord Literary Society

Sponsored by the New York City
Anti-Capitalist Convergence

When: Thursday, March 28 7:00 PM
Topic: We will be discussing Brian Glick's War At Home
Location TBA


"I have read many books in my life, but I have drunk even more." -- Guy Debord