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Regeneration, An LA Anarchist Newspaper

Regeneration, A Monthly Anarchist/Libertarian Communist Paper from Los Angeles in Spanish
and English


A small group of local anarchists has recently started a paper in the tradition of Ricardo Flores Magon's Regeneracion, which was published in Los Angeles from 1910-1918. Regeneration is an anarchist monthly newsletter of local politics, events and culture for Southern California. Our goal is a libertarian communist society and an end to capitalism, racism, patriarchy, the state and other bad stuff. We see education as
vital to building the revolutionary movement and we hope the distribution of news and analyses aids this task. Anyone is welcome to submit articles to the newsletter. We ask that they be relevant to Los Angeles residents, and that they tell the story from an anarchist perspective (we interpret these criteria very broadly!). We would especially like submissions of artwork, book reviews, movie reviews, etc. and announcements of local

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Subscriptions are $5/yr in the U.S., $10/yr internationally.

P.O. Box 91691

Pasadena, CA 91109


All are welcome to copy and redistribute the newsletter. If you copy any articles for other publications, we ask that you cite Regeneration. If you translate an article into any language for republication, please send us a copy so we can post it here.


January/February 2002 (PDF)

. Imperialist Rivalry Heating Up

. Anti-Fascists Stand Up To The American Patrol

. Sara Jane Olson Sentenced

. War Against Bavaria

. Jewish Defense League Planned Bombing at L.A. Mosque

. Local Iced-Tea Drinker Arrested under PATRIOT Act

. Does Race Exist?

. Argentina Revolts: the Failures of Capitalism Revealed

. Plan Colombia and the Art of "Low Intensity" Warfare

. Racist Scumbags Continue to Organize

. International Anarchist Platform

. Enron Theives Rip Off Workers

December 2001 (PDF)

. Does Ashcroft Make You Feel Any Safer?

. The Rich Plan to Bail Themselves Out

. Anti-War Movement Faces Danger From Within

. Is Iraq Next?

. RAWA Vists Los Angeles

. Fighting for an Education

. Ruckus Gets Three Years

. Know the Few Rights You Have!

November 2001 (PDF)

. "Infinite Justice" is Really Infinite Oil Profit

. Staying Focused

. How Do We Stop This Monster?

(We "skipped" October to catch up to schedule, but the publication is now on time.)

September 2001 (PDF)
. Imperialism Kills Innocents from New York to Iraq

. The War of Symbols

. Boneheads Try to Recruit in O.C.

. Racist Attacks Across the U.S.

. What is Fascism?

. Thousands March in LA on Labor Day

. Volkswagen Workers Strike for Survival

. The New Peace Movement

August 2001

July 2001