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"Resistance is Fertile" Radical Agro-Ecology and Guerrilla Gardening Conference, The Hague, April 8-

"Resistance is Fertile"

Radical Agro-Ecology and

Guerrilla Gardening Conference,

The Hague, April 8-18, 2002

Preliminary Programme

Location RIF Social Center:

Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, Den Haag (Tram 10 'Statenkwartier'
from Den Haag Central Station or Den Haag Holland Spoor. Ask
the driver where to get out. Tel: (+31) (0)20-6682236 (ASEED)
for help or more info, or mail rif@gn.apc.org)

All day and every day:

Delicious food by Rampenplan

Make your own media in the socia-media center

Infotransportbike, info-point and streetradio

Sweating and sowing in the new community garden!

Painting banners and making other action materials

Infostand inside the Conference Center

Walks on the beach (15 min by tram)


Monday 8:

11.30 Opening of community guerrilla garden with picnic
and workshop about organic agriculture

16.00 Collecting in Social Center

Tuesday 9:

from 10.00: Workshops and preparations rest of the week

from 10.00: infostand inside Conference Center

Woensdag/Wednesday 10:

11.00: Workshop: 'Feeding the Hungry Multinationals' -

biotech and the globalisation of agriculture, by
Ricarda Steinbrecher, UK

15.00: Workshop: Access and Benefit Sharing of genetic

resources, by Lorenzo Muellas Huerta uit Colombia

All day: preparation bikedemonstration Thursday

Thursday 11:

All day: Bikedemonstration! (start on Spui square at noon)

With: music, theater, speakers. Goes by interesting locations
in and around The Hague. Duration: appr. 3 hours

16.00: Presentation of the Court of Eden - large living genebank -
from Utrecht (in the garden); concrete example of

Evening: joint dinner in our building

Friday 12:

11.00 Workshop: Agro-ecology - socially and environmentally
oriented agriculture. By: Fernando Garcia van 'Baja el
Asfalto esta la Huerta', Madrid

17.00 Workshop: New rules in the EU, the EU-US conflict.
By Juan Lopez van Friends of the Earth Europe

20.00: Plenary Meeting

22.00: Benefitparty in the Blauwe! For Rene Riesel,
French anti-GE activist. With a.o. the Boerensyndicaat
(Farmers'Syndicat, band) (Dordrecht), DJ's Farmer Frankie
and Korny Kevin.

Saturday 13:

All day from 11.00: Start of 'Common Ground'. See elsewhere
for more info.

12.00 Workshop: the Biosafety Protocol; what does it mean
for the South? By Third World Network

13.00: Supermarket Actions!

16.00: Worshop: Herbal Medicine (in the Garden)

21.00 Theater by Boerengroep from Wageningen

Sunday 14:

All day from 10.00: Common Ground

All day from 10.00: Event organised by Third World Network
about a.o. Biosafety

All day from 10.00: preparation for 17 April Actionday

11.00: Workshop: Biowarfare. By Susana Pimiento en Edward
Hammond van het Sunshine Project, US.

20.00: Plenary Meeting

Monday 15:

11.00: Worshop: Action techniques for anti-GE actions. By:
Rowan Tilly of Genetix Snowball, UK, and others

17.00: Workshop: GE and animals. By: Herman van Wietmarschen,
NoGen, NL

All day from 10.00: preparation for 17 April Actionday

Tuesday 16:

11.00: Workshop: Biodiversity and Climate. GE Trees and
'Carbon Credits' and other fairy tales.

With: Rod Harbinson, Ricarda Steinbrecher, Rising Tide
All day from 10.00: preparation for 17 April Actionday

Wednesday 17: International Day of Farmers' Struggles.

All day in and outside The Hague

Thursday 18:

Relax in the garden or on the beach

16.00: what next? World Food Summit, Rio +10 and other things...




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