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Brother Shine Latest Departure from WBAI

Save WBAI writes: "My name is Brother Shine, and this will be the last night I come to
the air in any manner.."

With these words, Brother Shine announced his resignation from
WBAI. He cited "glass ceilings" and "my own personal pride and
feelings." and said he was having difficulty being objective because
he was angry about a lot of things. The demonstations outside the
station had not spurred his decision, he also said.

Brother Shine wept as he apologized to the young people who have
worked on Night Drum with him

He cited the long tradition of not lying on the air and "not messing
with the marathon."

He said he didn't want to vilify any particular person, and added
that he has disagreed with "all the different factions concerned
about WBAI" and that these were in many cases tactical rather
than philosophical differences. He said he had stayed to try to
promote healing, and because he has some large differences with
many of those who were banned and fired.

"I am a thinking being, and I don't care who it is, I will not become
a yes-man, someone who does not question," he said

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