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Federal prosecutors are indicting Sherman Austin, 19 year old founder / webmaster of Raise the Fist (Raise the Fist.com), an anarchist independent media / direct-action network. Sherman is being charged with 2 felony violations for distribution of information involving weapons of mass destruction and alleged possession of weaponry without permits.

Sherman rejected a guilty plea on August 26, 2002 in court, offering him 1 month in jail,
5 months in a half-way house and 3 years supervised release. If found guilty
in trial, Sherman could serve a maximum of 3-4 years in prison.

On January 24th, 2002, Sherman became one of the first victims of the new
USA Patriot Act when 25 heavily armed FBI agents and secret service
surrounded and raided his home in Los Angeles because of his anarchist web
site raise the fist. The entire server was shut down, all
computer equipment along with political literature, even protest signs were
seized and loaded into a big white truck.

Smygo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smygo reports:

Underground Paper Leaves City, Not Roots

September 5, 2002


The Fifth Estate always was a made-in-Detroit product.

Published in funky old buildings around Wayne State
University, the paper blended ultra-radical politics, a
sense of humor and an in-your-face attitude. It explored
issues that lurked outside its door, such as the effects of
factories and ghettos on humans.

It was a winning formula. Of the hundreds of underground
papers that arose across the United States in the 1960s, the
Fifth Estate is the oldest survivor. It grew increasingly
radical over the years, and developed a few thousand loyal
readers around the world.

But now, after 37 years, one of the last remnants of
Detroit's rich counterculture era has left the city.

Inicijativa za anarho-sindikat writes

"Dear friends,

this is a solidarity call from Initiative for anarcho-syndicate, only organized
anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist group from Serbia. Our group started publishing
propaganda magazine, called "Direktna Akcija" ("Direct Action"), on first of May
2002. Since than we maintained regular, monthly, publishing of our magazine
although we had a lot of financial problems. We are printing our magazine in
2000 copies, and costs of publishing are 310 Euros per issue, which is, when
you have in mind that average pay in Serbia is less than 100 Euros, substantial
amount of money for us. We are giving our magazine for free, because we think
that it would be improper to sell it to the factory workers (which is where we are
handing out most of DA's) who have pay which is much lass than average pay
here. Our magazine is ONLY monthly anarchist magazine in whole Ex-Yugoslavia
region and is, thus, read in all Ex-Yugoslavia republics: 500 copies of our
magazine are handed out to anarchists and activists in Slovenia, Croatia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Subjects that we covered (and that
are covered seriously for the first time in last 90 years here) in our magazine till now are: anarcho-syndicalism, general strike, sabotage, history of the first of
May, economical globalization, abolition of alienated work, self-management,
total conscience objection etc. It is important to say that we are getting GREAT
response from people who are reading DA.

First issue of our magazine was financially helped by some of anarchist and
anarcho-syndicalist groups around the world - and we are very grateful to them
for that, but since than all of our finances are covered by donations of our
membership. Now we are in the situation that some of our members have to sell
some of their belongings to maintain magazine publishing every month. Because
of that we would like to ask anarchists, anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary-
syndicalist groups and individuals around the world, who are able to do so, to
help us financially. For any details on ways to send us money please contact
editorial collective of our magazine at: da@inicijativa.org We think that it is of
outmost importance for whole anarchist movement in Ex-Yugoslavia to maintain
publishing of DA, and we hope that some of you could help us with that!

Best anarchist greetings!

Initiative for anarcho-syndicate (IAS)"

Griffin writes "The latest issue (#3) of Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism is now available.

As always, you can download it from the zab.net site or go directly to http://www.zabalaza.net/zabmag.htm#zab3

Find out more about Southern African Anarchism at:

Download free Anarchist reading material from:

The Luminary News writes " We are producing a one hour, once a week cable access show in Ithaca NY that focuses on stories both global and local that are ignored or given short shrft by the corporate media.
We have a plan to expand to five nights a week.
By setting our selves up as a non profit enterprise, getting endorsemnts for this idea and showing something technically worth watching, we hope to attract funding for this project.
Do other people have experience doing an alternative news show like this? Any feedback would be helpful. It seems that shows like Democracy Now should be produced on a local level. There is no shortage of newsworthy material to cover.
Please contact Kenny Ritter at theluminarynews@yahoo.com "

Anonymous Comrade writes "

The Totalitarian Growth of the "Single Thought"
More Community Radio Stations Raided: This Time, "LA VOZ" and "GERMINAL"

A finger of blame is pointed against any person or organisation with a
critical mindframe, that is indignant against the monstrous injustice in
force, or who denounces the sacking and bleeding of the entire country, or
who denounces the utter misery that is reigning throughout the country. The
mass media is criminalising any true critics. They are sowing ideological

On August 13th the Ateneos of El Cerro and Las Acacias, together with the
community radio stations De La Villa, La Esquina and Germinal, called a
meeting of combative and militant social and syndical organisations. It was
attended by Plenaria Memoria y Justicia, Taxidrivers Union, Tendencia
Clasista y Combativa, Lista Gerardo Gatito of the Printers Union, Primary
School Teachers Union, Secondary School Teachers Union, The Barter Club,
Psychology Students Union, Niboplast (Workers Cooperative of Plastic
Products), UTAA (Sugar Plantation Workers Union in the district of Artigas),
the following five community radio station: Ateneo de las Acacias, Ateneo
del Cerro, La Esquina FM, Germinal FM, De la Villa FM; Committee of families
of prisoners. A member of the Rubbish Recyclers Cooperative of Brazil
attended as part of a fraternal delegation.

hydrarchist writes :This article was published in the autonomist ejournal The Commoner

Pondering Information and Communication in Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Movements.

Steve Wright

What follows are some thoughts about the role played by information and communication technologies (ICT) within current movements against global capital. These reflections are prompted by my own passing involvement in a number of such online projects from the mid-nineties onwards. Is the nature of information and communication something self-evident, or instead might they be too often taken for granted, and perhaps deserving of broader discussion?

We are putting together a handbook on collective
process, focusing on many of the often unrecognized
abuses that occur and exposing common negative group
dynamics. We hope this project will help collectives
to achieve genuine egalitarian goals.

Currently, we have posted preliminary drafts for Part
One, "Is This What Consensus Looks Like?" We invite
all of you to read these drafts on the Web site as
they develop and send your feedback to:
collectivebook@yahoo.com. We seek further
contributions, including both constructive advice and
personal experiences.


The Common Wheel Collective

Anonymous Comrade writes:

The British Trotskyist journal Revolutionary History has a useful website at revolutionary-history

Many articles can be read on-line.

Anonymous Comrade writes: Over the past nine months the ostensibly leftist global network of Independent Media Centers has provided a prominent forum for the views of conspiracy theorist Mike Ruppert.

Sneering invective and scornful insults were hurled at the few dissenting 'voices in the wilderness' that questioned Ruppert's dubious evidence and that noted the prominence awarded Ruppert's views within extreme-right circles.

Ruppert has recently accepted an invitation to speak at the Fourth Annual Real History, USA Conference, organized by British holocaust revisionist David Irving. (Conference brochure as a PDF)

Insitute for Historical Review Bio of David Irving.

Holocaust History Project Pamphlet on David Irving

David Irving's failed libel suit against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt

Links to IMC articles promoting, defending and celebrating Mike Ruppert.


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