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Emergency Rally Called in Defense of Charas Social Center, NYC

"charas@erols.com" writes:
hi all, it seems the sheriff got to charas this morning at 9am with a 72
hour notice of eviction..the lawyers assure me its a 6 day notice by law
which would be december 24th. but the face of the notice says 72 hours
and we have to count on the sheriff and the force showing up monday
morning. i am losing my computer in about 15 minutes as council member
lopez is picking it up (it was a loaner). we will try to find another
asap. but as of right now.
we are calling a mass demo for monday morning december 17th.
7am. at charas. we do have a court date tuesday morning 9:30am at 111
center street. saralee evans court room, but singer is trying to evict
us before we get there. the hotline will remain open 982-9446 and we are
planning a meeting, so call in if your interested. xs