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Help Save Brooklyn's Brownsville Community Gardens

Help us save community gardens in Brownsville! The New York City Council,
City Councilwoman Tracey Boyland, and Community Board 16 have voted to
destroy all community gardens in Brownsville.

Community Rally, Monday, December 17

1:30 PM

In front of Community Board 16

444 Thomas Boyland Street

Brownsville, Brooklyn

Subway: Take the 1 train to Rockaway Avenue. Exit to the right of the token
booth. Walk four blocks to Pitken. Turn right, then walk three blocks to
Thomas Boyland Street.

Bus: Take the B60, which runs along Rockaway Avenue, to Pitken. Walk three
blocks to Thomas Boyland Street.


On Tuesday, December 11, the New York City Council voted to destroy the
Fantasy Garden in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. What does the
community get in return? Market rate housing built under the auspices of
HPD's "New Foundations" program. This program is like an auction without an
auction. Under New Foundations, city-owned land is sold to private
developers with an inside track. These developers can then turn around and
sell the housing they build *at market rate* with *no income restrictions on
the buyers.* The developers are not required to incorporate any public green
space, even though all of the New Foundations sites are in communities with
the lowest open space ratios in the city.

Brownsville has no permanent community gardens, which is a glaring
environmental injustice. Here's a statement from the Brownsville community:

We the members of the Brownsville Community support the Brownsville Garden
Coalition in their efforts to preserve and strengthen Gardens in
Brownsville. We recognize that Gardens are a vital part of our Community, as
they provide beauty, a place for social events, job sites for youths and
adults, food for our community, a learning place for school youths and
adults, a place for comforting vigils for those in distress, as well as
several other important aspects which are vital to our community.

We recognize that our community has no permanent garden while other
communities have several. We need open green space for the people of our
community. We urge you to support us in our support of the Brownsville
Garden Coalition to preserve and strengthen our gardens:

Amboy Garden

Bristol Community Garden

Fantasy/Over Fifty Garden

Future Leaders Garden

Hull Street Garden

Jes Good Rewards Garden

McKeather Garden

Ten Neighbors Garden