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Charas writes: "In a court hearing today on an order to show cause,
Civil Court Judge Saralee Evans vacated the warrant of eviction issued
against CHARAS and stated that the warrant clerk who issued a 72 hour
notice on August 23rd had clearly made a mistake. She went on to stay
that there was nothing dark or mysterious about the warrant, that it was
not intentional on the clerks part. She then spoke to Singer's lawyers
about the fact that they went to get a warrant in the first place, after
she had issued a decision barring them from getting a warrant until
December 12th.

Gregg Singers lawyers rewrote the decision when they tried to explain to
Judge Evans her own order. They said they had waited ample time for
payment and that the order stated that they could get a warrant unless
CHARAS paid rent to them the day of the hearing, Aug. 10th. The Judge
was noticeably angry but did not sanction them nor reprimand them. She
said that they will not try this again, that her order was clear that no
warrant would be issued until December 12th, and that there was no due
date for payment of returned rent.

Singers lawyers were then given the certified payments in the court
room, as they have refused them August 10th and have refused them since

The Marshall was again in the back of the courtroom, this time he was
reading regulations concerning liability. Probably because he is
liable. We will meet with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund to see if
there is something we can do."

hydrarchist writes: "

When the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was passed in 1998, including criminal provisions against those who 'traffic' in 'anti-circumvention devices', that is programs which allow users to exercise their fair use rights by unlocking encrypted content, many believed that the provisions were only inserted as a threat without substance. Liberals found incredible the idea that people could actually go to jail for writing code.

They were mistaken.

This evening the federal prosecutor for the Northern District of California announced the inditement of russian national and resident Dimitri Skylarov, author of Elcomsoft's Advanced e-Book Processor, on five counts of breach of the DMCA - principally under Title 17, United States Code, Section 1201(b)(1)(A), ,the section outlawing the trafficing of circumvention devices - and conspiracy. Dimitri was arrested while at Defcon 2001 presenting a paper on security flaws in Adobe's ebook reader.

Adobe informed the cops. The cops acted. The coding public went into uproar and Adobe has now been trying to weasel out of their catalytic role in the prosecution. They now insist that the problem is one better sorted out without the intervention of the criminal law. Yet they knew exactly what they were doing when they went to the Feds. Immediately after his arrest, Colleen Pouliot, Adobe Senior Vice President & General Counsel said:

"We did contact ElcomSoft asking them to cease and desist what they were doing. In addition, honestly, [laughs] we didn't think the likelihood was terribly high of getting any money out of a Russian company, so we think this course of action is appropriate."

Source: NPR Morning Edition broadcast of 19 July

Under Section 1204 of the DMCA, those found guilty of breach of section 1201 can be sentenced to up to 5 years in jail and fined up to $500,000 for their first offense. Subsequent offenses can recieve up to ten years incarceration and $1,000,000 in fines. Demonstrations are currently planned for San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston in the US, as well as overseas, all on August 30th. All details are available at the Free Skylarov website.

You can access the AP wire report, and the discussion at Slashdot.

Mass resistance to the intellectual property enclosures.

For the commons.

Free Skylarov.""

genoaResistance writes:

GenoaResistance is starting to put together a People's Tribunal to investigate the events durning the G8 summit between the 19th and 26th July. The tribunal will take place from October 19 to 21 to coincide with a Mobilization in Genoa on the same weekend. We are now looking for nominations for our panel of civilian judges and volunteers interested in working on collecting and organizing testimony and evidence, and also on helping with the logistics of the

For the guidelines on nominations for judges to the People's Tribunal see Guidelines for Nominations

For the objectives of the People's Tribunal see Objectives of the People's Tribunal

For skills we are looking for in volunteers, see Volunteers

For more information email contact@genoaresistence.org

grayhair writes: "More than 20 law enforcement officers swept through the Charas/El Bohio Community Center on the Lower East Side yesterday, bearing a warrant that said Charas could be evicted in as little as three days.

But, the eviction warrant was never signed by the judge!

So the questions are: how did they get so many pigs to show up with no legal court order; what was Gregg Singer trying to achieve with this move?

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Hello US leftwingers, we are three people from Germany(Berlin and Cologne, all male) who will be travelling the states in september(NYC and the westcoast - from san francisco to seattle).We would like to get in touch with leftwing political activists and theorists in order to have debates and discussions about the social struggles that are taking place in the states as well as in Germany. Therefore we are offering a lecture or report - maybe as part of a political event - about the situation in Germany. We can talk about important socio political debates, for example the "compensation" for former slave workers, and the attempts to erase the holocaust out of the collective memory. We can also talk about the immense rise of nationalism after the reunification and how that process resulted in murderous pogromes and the establishment of a strong nazi scene. We will talk about developments in the organized naziscene, who is who in the german nazi scene and what tactics they apply - "national liberated zones". We can also talk about Germany`s new found souvereign role in the EU and how the antifascist/racist/german left is dealing with these developments. As a title for the lecture we would propose:"Why boycot Germany!!" For further information you can email me at supernerd2000@gmx.de. We don`t want anything for payment except maybe a floor to crush on and some interested people. We will arrive in Ny on the 1st september and stay there until the 5th; on the westcoast on 6th september San FR. and leave from seattle on the 22nd. so far thanx solidaric greetings."

Anonymous Comrade writes: "US President George W. Bush said Thursday the United States would pull out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty but said he had no
specific timetable in mind for an official end to the 1972 accord with Russia."

Kevin - Modern Times writes: "The following is a link to the new journal 'Multitudes', which, for those not caught up in the fervor of Empire fever; is the concept that Negri/Hardt have replaced ‘the working class' with…

the cast of characters involved, as to be expected come from the autonomist Marxist camp, and for those autonomedia fans, two Midnight Notes folks are involved...

Unfortunately for those of us here in America, well those that don't speak French, it has not be translated to my knowledge....

If any one has access to a translation of the first two issues.. Please reply...


Autonomedia writes:

Came across this in the NY Observer "It's the primal scene of American power, of Bush family values. For two
centuries, the initiation rite of Skull and Bones has shaped the character
of the men who have shaped the American character, including two Presidents
named Bush. And last Saturday, April 14, for the first time ever-that long-secret rite
was witnessed by a team of outsiders, including this writer.

Plunge into the gory details at:

sleeepy writes: "A NUCLEAR bomb, 100 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima, is lying 10km off the east coast of the United States.

Until now one of the most closely guarded secrets in US military history, its existence has been confirmed in newly declassified documents which reveal how it was dumped in the sea after a mid-air collision more than 40 years ago.

Pentagon officials, though admitting they do not know the bomb's exact location, insist it is safe.

They have rejected demands for it to be recovered, saying it is too dangerous to be touched.
The fill article is on the web site of a publication called The Austrialian

http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_ page/0,5744,2566427%255E401,00.html "

Suzanne Ross of the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition writes: "In a surprise move, strongly reminiscent of his original trial, Mumia
Abu-Jamal has just been ordered to be kept away from his upcoming August
17th court hearing. On July 27, 2001, Judge Pamela Dembe ordered Mumia
Abu-Jamal to appear in the Pennsylvania State Court of Common Pleas. Yet,
yesterday, August 13, 2001, the Court Administrator of this same court,
Joseph J. DiPrimio, the Court Administrator of the First Judicial District,
stated that Mumia should not be transported down to Philadelphia, as there
will not be any room in the Philadelphia prisons to house Mumia. Of course
we know that in 1995-6, when Mumia was present in the courtroom, he was
actually housed in a prison outside of Philadelphia.


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