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bomber harris do it again - destroy germany

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Hello US leftwingers, we are three people from Germany(Berlin and Cologne, all male) who will be travelling the states in september(NYC and the westcoast - from san francisco to seattle).We would like to get in touch with leftwing political activists and theorists in order to have debates and discussions about the social struggles that are taking place in the states as well as in Germany. Therefore we are offering a lecture or report - maybe as part of a political event - about the situation in Germany. We can talk about important socio political debates, for example the "compensation" for former slave workers, and the attempts to erase the holocaust out of the collective memory. We can also talk about the immense rise of nationalism after the reunification and how that process resulted in murderous pogromes and the establishment of a strong nazi scene. We will talk about developments in the organized naziscene, who is who in the german nazi scene and what tactics they apply - "national liberated zones". We can also talk about Germany`s new found souvereign role in the EU and how the antifascist/racist/german left is dealing with these developments. As a title for the lecture we would propose:"Why boycot Germany!!" For further information you can email me at supernerd2000@gmx.de. We don`t want anything for payment except maybe a floor to crush on and some interested people. We will arrive in Ny on the 1st september and stay there until the 5th; on the westcoast on 6th september San FR. and leave from seattle on the 22nd. so far thanx solidaric greetings."