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Mark O'Neill in Beijing writes: "The Communist Party has closed one of the mainland's key theoretical
journals as part of an attack on those who oppose the decision of President
Jiang Zemin to end a ban on membership by private business people.
Staff at Zhenli de Zhuiqiu (Seeking Truth) said yesterday authorities had
ordered the closure of the monthly magazine after 11 years, ahead of
publication of the August issue, and that its 10 employees would retire or
be moved to other jobs. Editor Yu Quanyu was likely to retire. No reason was
given for the closure, they said.

The monthly has been devoted to the theory of Marxism, Leninism and Mao
Zedong Thought and its application to China.

Sources said Mr Jiang ordered the closure, angered over opposition within
the party to his speech on its 80th anniversary on July 1, in which he
lifted an 80-year ban on private business people joining the party.

Autonomedia writes: "The World Bank and IMF issued the following statement on August 10, 2001.

This year's Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank
Group and International Monetary Fund will take place over two days -
September 29 and 30, 2001 - subject to the formal approval of this change
by the Executive Directors of the two institutions. A final decision is
expected by Tuesday, August 14.

The Meetings are being consolidated after consultation with the U.S.
Government. The World Bank and IMF fully share the interest of the U.S.
authorities, in their role as host of the event, in ensuring the conduct of
all essential business with the least possible disruption to the people who
live and work in Washington, D.C. We will conduct all of the necessary and
essential business of the Annual Meetings during these two days."

Charas writes: "Today, August 10, Civil Court Judge Sara Lee Evans gave CHARAS more
time, until December 12th! to find new digs etc. thats lots more time we
can use. Luckily, artists and tenants from charas were present to offer
testimony of the hardship they would suffer if they had to leave
tomorrow or next week. Judge Evans then spoke of how important CHARAS
was and the need to beable to continue their work. Singer's lawyers
appeared very angry and had a man who appeared to be a marshall of some
kind waiting in the court room. another small victory bringing us that
much closer to the end of giuliani's reign. thanks all. dont forget to
come by tomorrow to 'community day' flea market, mural painting, food
and workday."

Uncle Fluffy writes: "Rob Milliron has never married. He has never had kids, never been to Oklahoma.

Yet three Tampa police officers went to Milliron's construction job site Monday and asked him whether he was wanted in Oklahoma for child neglect.

It seems that his face wound up on a surveillance camera in Ybor City. News cameras captured that image. A woman in Tulsa saw his picture in U.S. News and World Report and called Tampa police.

She said the man in the photo was her ex-husband and was wanted on felony child neglect charges.

Turns out they had the wrong man."

Anonymous Comrade writes: "The Harvard UP PDF file of Empire [ mentioned earlier in the info exchange ] has many exasperating attributes, most grieviously the inability to output the text to a printer.

The cracked version of Empire is now available at the sites below, so now you too have no excuse for being a model New York Times reader!

For Subversion of the Intellectual Property Enclosures!

For the Commons.

Free Skylarov!!

In PDF: http://excess4all.com/empire
In ASCII: http://textz.gnutenberg.net"

Louis Lingg writes: "The Detroit Free Press is reporting in a three-part series that "over the past five years, more than 90 Michigan police officers, dispatchers, federal agents and security guards have abused the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN)" to harass, threaten, intimidate and stalk citizens.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A cop who stalked a woman
using his access to the LEIN was "suspended for a day without pay."

Autonomedia writes: This information from Gerard Damiano: "It has been one year since the arrest of 78 innocent people during the
Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. The Struggle Continues...
Thanks for your continued support.

Following is a press release which was issued yesterday.


Charas writes: "Yesterday, August 1st, CHARAS recieved a 10 day stay, pending a court
date scheduled for August 10th. On August 10th, we we'll go back to our
trial judge in Civil Court, Sara Lee Evans and request more time.
(i.e. more time to look for new space / relocate).

We are also going back to the Appellate Division to try and seek a stay
pending appeal of Sara Lee Evans decision to nullify or set aside the
jury verdict. though no one holds out much hope of anything from the
division at this point.

We have gotten a good deal of press and want to continue to mount public
pressure on both Singer and Giuliani to stop the eviction of our
community center. the rally was a great show of unity and support.
thanks to everyone for turning out and organizing it. We need to build
on Saturday's rally. There are a few affinity groups starting to make
plans now."

Charas writes: "This morning, Tuesday, July 31, The Appellate Division denied CHARAS a
stay pending appeal! Surprised?

We're thinking of a rally, at CHARAS soon, maybe tomorrow or thursday,
approx. 6pm. We'll let you know asap, depending on the pols, press etc.

-Legally we will go back to court to request more time, we also have to
appeal the trial court's decision at the appellate term and the
appellate division.

-but as a community, we have to organize.

(what would yogi say?)"

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Some BBB groups have diversified their tactical portfolio:


This Transit Strike Really Stinks!!

At 5 AM Tuesday morning Translink Chair George Puil received an early
delivery of 1 tonne of fresh BC manure. The manure was placed outside of his home at 1866 Ogden St. in Kitsilano with a sign reading "Hey George- The Bus Strike Stinks- Day 145."

"This transit strike really stinks," said Agent Cow Pie of the Biotic
Bullshit Brigade. "We're laying the bullsh*t right where it ought to be, on the steps of the man responsible for it, George Puil."
"The smelly excuses of Vancouver politicians are no longer good enough!", said Agent Crappy. "We will continue to take action until they start acting like adults rather than the bickering privatizing excuse-making weasels that they are!"

The transit strike hits day 145 today- 145 days of inconvenience and
impossibility for seniors, the working poor and the disabled. Puil, as chair of the Translink board has the power to force the Coast Mountain bus company to accept the mediator's terms.

On Tuesday afternoon city council will meet- will they avoid the issue? Will more bullsh*t fly? Tune in for more.....


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