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Anonymous Coward writes: "Nearly one year ago, it was ruled that Microsoft is a monopoly, and unfairly using that power. As a remedy, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson had said the company should be split into two pieces: One would focus on operating systems, and the other would develop applications and other products.

In Today's unanimous decision, a federal appeals court vacated that
order and sent the decision back to the lower court. In addition, the
court determined that the case should be heard by a new judge rather
than by Jackson."

Uncle Fluffy writes: "Check this out: The Defense Department sent four Black Hawk helicopters and about 35 members of the elite Army Rangers to Morocco for the filming of the movie ''Black Hawk Down,'' a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday.

In total about 100 military personnel were deployed rotationally from early April until early June to participate in the filming of the movie, which depicts the chaos in Somalia in 1993."

Zerowork writes: "Body bags stockpiled for Genoa summit

Italian authorities have ordered 200 body bags as they step up
preparations for a violent confrontation at next month's G8 summit
in Genoa, say Italian media reports.

A room at the city's hospital will also be set aside as a temporary
mortuary, said Italian news agency ANSA.

The reports come amid growing concern that the G8 summit will
witness even worse confrontation than last weekend's European
meeting in Gothenburg. Tens of thousands of protesters - from
anarchists to Basque separatists - are expected to head for Genoa.

Charas writes: Charas is in big trouble.....again. seems Judge Sara Lee Evans has just
given us until July 31st to get out i.e., vacate the building. Judge
Evans decision last Friday, June 15th stated that the appellate terms
decision mooted out the jury trial (meaning we had no right to a jury
trial?). The Appellate Term recently overturned Judge Lucy Billings
decision which granted us a trail and moved for summary judgment against
We are scheduling an emergency community meeting for next week to decide
on how to respond politically.
Legally, we will ask for more time and request a stay pending appeal.
will keep you posted.

genzip writes "Former Blackout Books opens new table at Theatre for the New City, 1st Ave. btwn 9th and 10th Sts."


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