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"Interviewing Chomsky

Radio B92, Belgrade

Why do you think these attacks happened?

To answer the question we must first identify the
perpetrators of the crimes. It is generally assumed,
plausibly, that their origin is the Middle East
region, and that the attacks probably trace back to
the Osama Bin Laden network, a widespread and complex
organization, doubtless inspired by Bin Laden but not
necessarily acting under his control. Let us assume
that this is true. Then to answer your question a
sensible person would try to ascertain Bin Laden's
views, and the sentiments of the large reservoir of
supporters he has throughout the region. About all of
this, we have a great deal of information. Bin Laden
has been interviewed extensively over the years by
highly reliable Middle East specialists, notably the
most eminent correspondent in the region, Robert Fisk
(London _Independent_), who has intimate knowledge of
the entire region and direct experience over decades.
A Saudi Arabian millionaire, Bin Laden became a
militant Islamic leader in the war to drive the
Russians out of Afghanistan. He was one of the many
religious fundamentalist extremists recruited, armed,
and financed by the CIA and their allies in Pakistani
intelligence to cause maximal harm to the Russians --
quite possibly delaying their withdrawal, many
analysts suspect -- though whether he personally
happened to have direct contact with the CIA is
unclear, and not particularly important. Not
surprisingly, the CIA preferred the most fanatic and
cruel fighters they could mobilize. The end result was
to "destroy a moderate regime and create a fanatical
one, from groups recklessly financed by the Americans"
(_London Times_ correspondent Simon Jenkins, also a
specialist on the region). These "Afghanis" as they
are called (many, like Bin Laden, not from
Afghanistan) carried out terror operations across the
border in Russia, but they terminated these after
Russia withdrew. Their war was not against Russia,
which they despise, but against the Russian occupation
and Russia's crimes against Muslims.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "The Hindustan Times is reporting that the Taliban have launched a major offensive against the opposition Northern Alliance.

The Northern Alliance includes secular as well as moderate, reformist Islamic movements. On the day before the WTC disaster, military leader of the Northern Alliance, Commander Ahmed Shah Massud, was assassinated by two men posing as Algerian journalists.

http://www.ciriello.com/index2.html is the website of A. Raffaele Ciriello, a photojournalist sympathetic to the Northern Alliance. His site includes an interview with Commander Massud."

Louis Lingg writes: "The Associated Press is reporting that Yasser Arafat has ordered his forces to prevent any attacks on Israeli soldiers. Israel responded by promising not to launch attacks on Palestinians.
Israel also said it would withdraw troops from Palestinian areas it seized in recent days; dozens of tanks have pulled back from the outskirts of the West Bank town of Jenin.

Anonymous Comrade (awm13579@yahoo.com)posted this article by L. A. Kaufmann:

"It's now official: In the wake of the September 11
disaster, the IMF and World Bank have indefinitely
postponed their planned late-September meetings,
and the raucous street protests that were to greet
them have effectively been canceled. (At this
writing, the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, the
more radical of the two organizing coalitions, has
still not decided what it's going to do.)

There still will be teach-ins and at least one
large interfaith vigil in D.C. that week. Meanwhile,
the International Action Center -- front group for
the Stalinist Workers World Party, with a long
history of supporting murderous dictators like
Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and
Slobodan Milosevic -- is planning to go forward
with a September 29 "March Against War and
Racism" in Washington. I suspect a lot of other
groups may sign on, because there's a widespread
desire to do something. But you won't catch me
supporting a "peace march" organized by a
bunch of authoritarian opportunists who have
no problem with slaughter, so long as it's
committed by their pet tyrants.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "Due to the recent events at the World Trade Center, Washington
DC, and western Pennsylvania, the Armada to reclaim
Governors Island has been postponed indefinitely. It had been planned for the 16th of September.
-- from Waterwire, September 13, 2001


An Arabic on-line newpaper, Ilaf, quoting "fundamentalist Arab sources," has reported that Osama bin Ladin is under "house arrest" by Afghanistan's ruling Taliban Party.

Link to a British source: http://www.bridge.com/com/story.asp?story=12078&fixed=yes

As all of you probably know already, the world trade center was destroyed this morning. News is available at all the normal places on the net, TV and radio.

I must say that watching the towers collapse was a bizarre experience. But the questions of who is responsible still are unanswered. Was this "another Pearl Harbor" as some media folks are saying, or perhaps another Reichstag fire (it is election day!). Fox news even dared to try to make a connection between the World Trade Organization protests and the attack on the World Trade Center, so maybe the "new Palmer raids" are about to be unleashed. CBS just reported that two Navy warships are headed to NYC to "protect" us.

please post comments with any thoughts or reactions to what happened today

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Autonomedia writes: "Parse the politics in this one:

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Friday August 31 1:36 PM ET - Russia warned its computer experts on Friday of the
dangers of visiting the United States after a Russian software designer was
arrested there for violating a controversial new law.

http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20010831/tc/tech _russia_usa_dc_1.html "

Ramor Ryan provides a more detailed and poetic account of the days of Genoa: "

Death And Terror In Genoa

by Ramor Ryan

The Siege of Genoa

The walls went up around the old quarter of Genoa, enclosing the Group of 8 (G8) and their cohorts. Huge heavy walls of concrete and metal, like medieval fortifications or prison fences; walls to keep the people out, the world leaders penned in. Genoa is a beautiful renaissance city carved out of a treacherous mountain slope that seems as if it might slide irrevocably into the sea. Its pulsating streets, the mystery of its dense labyrinth and the expansive calm of the sea front are a surreal theater for the battle that would consume it.


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