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Talban has lost all support, they will lose power very soon.

Farooq Tariq (25-09-2001)

[A special interview with Adil, leader of Afghanistan Labour
Revolutionary Organization Adil is leader of a small left wing
organization based in Afghanistan. He is himself in exile. He was in
Jilalabad for three days from 16 to 19th September to see the mood and
to instruct his party men for the future strategy. It was an illegal
entry to Afghanistan. Here is a special report on the present situation
in Afghanistan based on his interview with Farooq Tariq taken at Lahore
on 24th September. Farooq Tariq General secretary of the Labour Party
Pakistan (see: www.labourpakistan.org)]

* Talban has lost all support, they will loose power very soon

* Asama has at least 25000 Islamic militants

* Left and Right unite to support former King Zahir Shah,

* Every one who has enough money for travel to Pakistan is leaving.

I traveled to Afghanistan on 16th September and reached Jilalabad. The
town was in absolute shock conditions. Everyone from there was talking
to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. To reach to Peshawar, you
need at least 200,000 Afghanis ($2). Then you need another $5 to bribe
the Pakistan official at the border to cross. So any one who has this
amount is leaving. An average wage of an Afghani government clerk for
instance at present is around 300,000 Afghanis ($3) per month. A daily
worker in Jilalabad would get around Afghani 10,000 to 20,000 ($0.10
to$0.20) per day. So there is tremendous poverty in all parts of
Afghanistan. Wages are not normally paid up to 6 months. People are
sick and tired of Talban regime. They can not say it openly but now are
very sure the regime is going to go away. Most of the shops and the
trading companies were closed in Jilalabad. No one wants to do any
business in the city. It is more like a deserted city. Read more.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "This article is from todays newsday... a long island activist has been charged with terrorism, stemming from bullshit charges in relation to the Earth Liberation Front actions on the island... this is obvious a desperate attempt by the state to prevent the rising tide of radical youth activism on long island!


More info from the Long Island Radical Activist Community to be posted soon!

Click on the link for the article from Newsday

How can the US bomb this tragic people?
By Robert Fisk

We are witnessing this weekend one of the most epic events since the
Second World War, certainly since Vietnam. I am not talking about the
ruins of the World Trade Centre in New York and the grotesque physical
scenes which we watched on 11 September, an atrocity which I described
last week as a crime against humanity (of which more later). No, I am
referring to the extraordinary, almost unbelievable preparations now
under way for the most powerful nation ever to have existed on God's
Earth to bomb the most devastated, ravaged, starvation-haunted and
tragic country in the world. Afghanistan, raped and eviscerated by the
Russian army for 10 years, abandoned by its friends - us, of course -
once the Russians had fled, is about to be attacked by the surviving

The Guardian newspaper, quotes secret
diplomatic documents to say the US "is bent on force to
evict the Taliban from power"
and will not stop at finding Osama bin
Laden and destroying his training camps. The documents
quote the US administration as canvassing the views of the allies
"the liberation" of Afghanistan.

In a BBC interview on Friday, British foreign secretary Jack Straw
refused to discuss "secret memos", but confirmed that
the coalition of nations engaged in "the war on terrorism" were keen
ensure Afghanistan had a proper government. The
king, who was overthrown in 1973, is said to have already told the
Italian authorities that he is willing to fill the void if the
Taliban is toppled.



There is a strange and growing tension coming from the Middle East
this weekend; and we don't mean from Afghanistan and Pakistan this
time, rather we mean from America's closest allies, Israel, Egypt
and Saudi Arabia. We're in no position to know for sure just what
is happening. But in each of these countries very unusual and
potentially historic developments are unfolding.

The 3rd World War: A Message to the Anti-Globalization

Movement by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

5,000 people have been killed in a murderous attack just a
few days ago, clearly stemming from past events in the
Middle East. Although the President of the United States
correctly refers to this as "acts of war", he does not tell
us that this war has been raging for many years, and is
fueled by long standing American support of Israel, acting
as its military proxy. The US is "no peace loving country,"
it is the world's largest salesmen of military armaments and
has its hands in most of the wars waging around the globe.


by Farooq Sulehria

(Farooq Sulehria is a member of the Executive Committee of the Labour Party
Pakistan and of the Editorial Board of Links.)

The following article appeared in issue number 13 of Links (September to
December, 1999).

The left movement in Pakistan traces its origins to the Indian communist
movement. The Indian communist movement in turn drew its inspiration from
Russian revolutions of 1905 and October 1917. Lenin himself paid
considerable attention to India, and, long before him, Karl Marx showed a
great interest in what he called "an interesting country" and a "good future
ally". He wrote quite a few articles on the Indian subcontinent, especially
during the 1857 war of independence, which ended in defeat. That defeat
strengthened and consolidated the imperialist base for a century, an era of
exploitation, plunder and repression.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "The Sunday Times (UK) is reporting that British SAS troops ("Special Forces") clashed with Taliban militia deep inside Afghanistan this past Friday.

It has also been reported that British intelligence agents (M16) working undercover in Afghanistan have traced Osama bin Laden to a desolate region near Jalalabad, close to Pakistan: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/4326959

MI6 has maintained a
small, specialised team in the region since 1999; they are an elite unit who usually investigate major drugs
producers in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey."

Louis Lingg writes: "arabia.com has posted a piece by journalist Ramzy Baroud on the implications of the WTC attack on the Palestinian struggle.

Interesting: the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran) is reporting that the Iranian Foreign Minister, together with his Syrian counter-part, have dismissed linking the WTC attack to pre-existing crises in the Middle East.

The Palestine Chronicle has posted an interview with journalist Robert Fisk, one of the few westerners to have met and spent time with Osama bin Laden at his Afghan camps."

The Times of India is reporting that the opposition Northern Alliance in Afghanistan is claiming major territorial gains in northern provinces; 15 Taliban positions have been claimed seized.

The Telegraph (UK) is reporting that discipline is breaking down among Taliban militia in Kabul: looting, robberies, watching movies and listening to music...


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