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Daaaih Loong writes:

"San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, July18.

According to the reiterated denunciations of the autonomous
municipality El Trabajo as well as of the ejidal authorities of Roberto Barrios, the paramilitary threat grows dangerously and quickly in this community. There have been already death threats, looted houses, killed sheeps, assaults, false accusations and illegal "trials" practiced by members of Peace and Justice, in addition to physical and verbal aggressions against the
Zapatista bases of support and the foreign observers, sabotages against the regional clinic and the autonomous school, pressures to accept PROGRESA, and a general atmosphere of hostility . There has even been a confession from the paramilitaries.

Demonstrators hurled firebombs and stones at massed riot
police to disrupt a summit of the world's industrialized nations Friday. Police
fired water cannons and tear gas to drive them back, and said one demonstrator
was killed.

At least 46 protesters and 31 police officers were hurt and 39 people arrested in

The dead person was not immediately identified by police, and the
circumstances of the death were not clear. The body lay in a pool of blood,
covered by a white sheet and surrounded by dozens of police who kept
reporters at bay.

Witnesses gave conflicting accounts, some saying the person had been shot,
others saying the death was the result of a beating by police.

Reuters -- A protester has died after being shot in the head by an Italian paramilitary trooper while a big power summit was under way in Genoa, witnesses and authorities said.

A Reuters photographer saw a group of anti-globalisation demonstrators attack a Carabinieri van with stones. A protester was hit by two gunshots from the van after throwing a fire extinguisher at the vehicle.

The demonstrator fell to the ground and then was run over by a Carabinieri jeep that backed over him, the photographer said.

A police spokesman in Genoa confirmed that the unidentified man had died but did not provide any details.

for more details:

the washington post

Italian indymedia.org site


mobiustrip44 writes: "The United Nations has issued a report recommending the distribution of genetically modified foods to suffering nations. Of course, farbeit from the U.N. to consider the safety of using such food products. According to one Plastic reader, "No matter that many of these [countries] do not suffer from a lack of food (it's the civil instability that places the food in the middle of some tribal/political debate). The [U.N.'s] agency—working closely with members of biotech and agricultural companies—has pledged to help countries afford (read: go into to debt to obtain) G.M. crops that are suitably modern." Greenpeace, thankfully, is already organizing mass-resistance to the U.N.'s decision. You can learn more about the dangers of genetically modified foods by visiting Monsantos.com, The Organic Consumers Association and The International Center for Technology Assesment."

nomadlab writes: "Ms. Tanaka's visit to Washington DC was agreed to by the US government after strenuous efforts by the Japanese government. The objective of her trip was
to vindicate what she expressed about US foreign policies at meetings with her counterparts from other countries. She conveyed her messages of criticism
about the foreign polices of the US government to them. She must have told them faithfully what she believed.

Her address immediately caused problems in the Japanese political world.

During the conversation with her old classmates at the reception in German Town High School, The Weekly Post learned that Ms. Tanaka made a remark
about George Bush, "He is totally an asshole" in English...

There has never been a statesman in Japanese history that called a US president, 'an asshole.'

the whole report can be found here."

Louis Lingg writes: "Is the economic contraction in the tech sector expanding the ranks of the Black Bloc?

The Register (UK) is running a piece on a speech given by WTO chieftain Mike Moore in which he urged "citizen's groups" and NGOs to distance themselves from "masked stone-throwers who claim to want more transparency, anti-globalization dot.com-types who trot out slogans that are trite, shallow and superficial." Moore calls for "civilized discourse," and more transparency and accountability (on the part of "citizen's groups," and the NGOs, not the WTO).

The full text of his speech can be found here, on the WTO's site."

Louis Lingg writes: "Declan McCullagh has a piece in Wired that Robert Mueller, Bush's choice to head and revive the FBI, has extensive experience prosecuting computer crime. In 1999 Mueller created the Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property unit in San Jose, CA, and prosecuted alleged hackers Benjamin Troy Breuninger ("Kon"), Jerome T. Heckenkamp ("MagicFX") and Max Ray Butler ("Max Vision"). The article can be found here."

nomadlab writes: "The BBC is reporting that Kissinger may be called to testify to the Chilean Supreme Court in the pending trial of Gen. Pinochet.

"Chilean judge Juan Guzman is seeking to question former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger over the fate of a US journalist who disappeared in Chile during the 1973 coup.""

nomadlab writes: "Police in South Africa have arrested about 70 squatters on land near Johannesburg, a day before the Pretoria High Court is to hear the government's application to evict them.

The squatters put up no resistance and there was no violence, police spokeswoman Mary Martins-Engelbrecht told the Reuters news agency.

Thousands of poor black South Africans have moved onto the land since the opposition Pan Africanist Congress began registering claims for the sum of 25 rand - about three dollars.

The government charges that the PAC is aiding an illegal land grab, while the opposition party said the land "belongs to Africans"."

Anonymous Coward writes: "Excite is reporting that Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said Monday there are "serious questions" about whether the death penalty is being fairly administered in the United States.

"If statistics are any indication, the system may well be allowing some
innocent defendants to be executed," O'Connor said in a speech to the Minnesota Women Lawyers group.

O'Connor, who has been a swing vote on several death penalty cases, said
six death row inmates were exonerated and released last year, and that
90 inmates have been exonerated and set free since 1973.
Get the full report here"

hydrarchist writes: "This story on 2600.com may appear to address something banal, a police raid on a vendor of region coded DVDs on sale outside their zone. But the DVDs are legit.....not rip-offs, cracks or counterfeits. Their distribution in Sweden simply conflicts with the marketting timetable of the motion picture studios.

This incident comes on the heels of the Motion Picture Association's legal jihad against the distributors of the DeCSS code which allows users to adapt their DVDs to their technology.

In february Belgian police raided the homes of twelve users whose offence was to have engaged in peer to peer file sharing of MP3 files.


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