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Long Island, NY Activist Charged with Terrorism!

Anonymous Comrade writes: "This article is from todays newsday... a long island activist has been charged with terrorism, stemming from bullshit charges in relation to the Earth Liberation Front actions on the island... this is obvious a desperate attempt by the state to prevent the rising tide of radical youth activism on long island!


More info from the Long Island Radical Activist Community to be posted soon!

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Terrorism Charge In Teen Arson Case

By Robert E. Kessler


September 27, 2001
One count of aiding terrorists has been added to the charges faced by one of the teenagers connected to the Earth Liberation Front who are accused of arson and vandalism, officials said.

Connor Cash, 19, of 15 High Hill Dr. in Sound Beach, who already is charged with arson and arson conspiracy, was indicted Sept. 19 by a federal grand jury in Central Islip on a charge of providing material support to terrorists, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen King and court records.

Cash is accused of aiding ELF terrorists when he drove them to unspecified Suffolk County sites where acts of vandalism and arson were committed and bought the gasoline used to set fire to five homes under construction in Mount Sinai in December.

"It's absolutely absurd," said Cash's attorney, Fred Brewington of Hempstead. Brewington said the additional charge was just an attempt by the government "to force the young man to plead guilty."

Prosecutor King declined to comment.

Cash already could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison if convicted of the arson charges. The additional count could add another 10 years in prison. Such a lengthy sentence would be unlikely under federal sentencing guidelines, however.

Sources said it was coincidental that an anti-terrorism statute was used against Cash so soon after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The government had planned for several weeks to bring the additional indictment, the sources said.

Three other teenagers charged in connection with arson and vandalism in December and January in which ELF claimed responsibility already have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing."