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This is my new story.

This is my new story.

Sit-In for Patients Not Profits at WellPoint, New York City October 29, 2009 10 AM

Dear Single-Payer Supporters:

Constitution Adopted, Movement for a Democatic Society (MDS) Is Re-born

OCTOBER 16, 2009 -- A diverse coalition of community-based activists committed to the creation of an egalitarian, directly democratic, and mult-generational movement, voted to ratifty their draft Constitution thereby officially becoming known as Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS).

The MDS Constitution is an adaptation of the SDS Constitution circa 1962-1967 updated to account for the political sensibilities and realities of modern times. It sets forth the following Preamble:

Ten Years After Seattle, One Strategy, Better Two, For the Movement Against War and Capitalism Franco “Bifo” Berardi

A moral rebellion began in Seattle in November 1999: after the act of disruption of the WTO summit millions of people all over the world declared that capitalist globalization causes social and environmental devastation. For two years the global movement produced an effective process of critique of neoliberal policies, giving way to the hope of a radical change.

* This is a brief outline of the libertarian footprint in the history of Venezuela, prepared by members of the Collective Editorship of El Libertario www.nodo50.org/ellibertario. We hope that this serves as a useful point of reference for those who are interested in the subject.


Second Annual C.L.R. James Scholar Essay Contest

We are constantly bombarded with images concerning the victimized state of women around the globe. Politicians, academics, and even some social justice activists tell us that women’s liberation is little more than a mirage. Yet, these images hide a reality much more profound, inspiring, and courageous.

There is a proud tradition of women who have refused to accept subordinate roles to their families or to the state. Whether organizing rent strikes

In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements

A one-off online journal of theory, art, activism and organizing to be released May 15th!www.inthemiddleofawhirlwind.info

Coordinated by: Team Colors (Militant Research Collective) Published by: The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press

The "Marxist-Humanist Tendency" has publicized a crisis in News and Letters Committees. By posting their statement on international Leftist websites without the response made by the majority of the organization, they tell one side of the story to garner favor with activists. Below, I am posting the News and Letters Committees response.

--Youth columnist Brown Douglas

Setting the Historic Record Straight

March 14, 2008 Dear Friends:


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