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new website up for Long Island radical community

Anonymous Comrade writes: "a new website was launched today for the Long Island radical activist and diy community: longislandrevolt.org, it includes a temporary site for the Long Island IMC, a site for the Freespace infoshop & community center, space for the modern times collective, and a soon to be subsite for the 5 food not bombs chapters on the Island.

Today a new website has been launched for the radical activist and DIY community on Long Island, NY.


Its purpose is to connect like-minded people together, keep the community informed about the activities of the many organizations using the site, and to serve as a organizing site for the Long Island Free Space, Inc; a diy community center & infoshop, alternative book / zine shop, social movement library, media center, artist & activist resource center, free school, etc. here on Long Island in 2002.

the following organizations have space on the site:

- Freespace

- Modern Times Collective

- Food Not Bombs (to be up shortly)

- Long Island Indymedia Center (still a few bugs to be worked out)