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Young Rebels Site Announced

Autonomedia writes: "Hello,

I thought you might be interested in a website called youngrebels.com.

Example of content:

"There are many of us who are determined to live a life of peace. We're not supposed to recognize each other. We're not supposed to hear about each other. We're not supposed to think for ourselves. It's simply not in the best interests of the dominators. But we are here. There are infant minds of all types in every direction desiring a peaceful existence in order to explore our minds, our lives and the universe we find ourselves in.

For the first time in human history, our technology allows us to witness the condition of life on Earth. We can choose to proceed along a destructive path, or we can reach out to each other and exist in peace. There's no reason why we should be anything other than a community of friends. It is our choice to make."


Please forward this e-mail to anyone interested in a peaceful future.

Thank you"