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anon writes: "Hi all,

London Reclaim the Streets is putting together a free newspaper to be given
out at anti-war events and at various local World Trade
Organisation-related actions on November 9th and beyond. We want to pull
together existing articles, posters, illustrations, photos etc. that have
emerged on the current 'war on terrorism' etc., and produce some new stuff,
designed to show an alternative take on current propaganda. It would spread
into other related areas like the west's lust for oil/climate
change/racism/repression of our movement and how we're trying (but maybe
not yet succeeding yet) to overcome creeping despair and come up with a
cogent radical response to it. We'd like to have plenty of room for
non-western opinions. It might be a spoof, but it certainly won't be
text-heavy, or be obsessively certain about where we're heading, and might
above all else try to open up a space where we can ask some new questions
and find some new perspectives on all this madness.

So here are some elements of possible involvement:

nomadlab writes: "The New York Times is reporting that Canada is going to break the patent on Cipro, the main anti-antrax medication.

The US is supporting this action.

Where was this logic when African nations wanted AIDS meds?

There is a good article on this issue on indymedia.org".

There is also an article in today's New York Times (11.19.2001).

Anonymous Comrade writes: "
A short update about the situation in Sweden after the Gothenburg Riots, from AFA Sweden:

17 new arrests of swedish activists

Today major Swedish papers reported that 17 new
arrests had been made early on Tuesday morning in
association with the so called riots in Gothenburg,
Sweden, in June. 15 people have been taken into
custody and a further 2 await trial on free foot,
raids were made on a number of the arrestees
homes.Most of the charges are for rioting, both stone
throwing and property damage.It is reported that the
arrests are the result of alalysis of police fotage,
filmed during the 3 days of demonstrations.Police warn
that more than 50 new arrests could be made throughoutthe winter.
Approximatly 50 people have already faced charges in
association with the demonstrations, resulting in
sentences of between 9 months and 4.5 years. The
sentences have come under criticism for being heavy,
political sentencing, particularly as the swedish
system uses local gothenburg politicians in the local
court instead of a jury."The quality of the
prosecutors case has sunk to low levels and
gullability has been a huge factor in the local court
and court of appeal in Gothenburg, after the riots in
June.Some of the sentences pushed by the prosecutors
have been as long as those for murder.The sentences
have, to the highest degree, been political.

DaaaihLoong writes: "The New York Post published the following article on October 4:



October 4, 2001 -- America's new wall of homeland security is creating
a big
demand for cells to hold suspects and illegal aliens who might be
rounded up.

Stocks of private companies that build and operate prisons for
have zoomed as high as 300 percent in anticipation of internment camps
and new

"Unfortunately, these are becoming good investments," said James
MacDonald, a
prisons-security analyst at First Analysts Securities.

DaaaihLoong writes: "Political Prisoners and Others Locked Down Following September 11th

The social and political pandemonium following the attacks against the
Trade Center and the Pentagon is allowing many governmental policies to
implemented with virtually no scrutiny from the general public. The
drastic of these measures to date has been the ability for repressive
institutions within the United States government to increase their
repression with impunity, particularly the Immigration and
Service (INS), law enforcement agencies and the prison system.

Within hours of the September 11th attacks political prisoners and POWs
across the country were surgically removed from general population and
thrown into Security Housing Units. They were classified as being
placed in
Administrative Segregation and detained officially "for investigation".
Known to be included in the roundup were Marilyn Buck, Tom Manning,
Alberto Torres, Sundiata Acoli, Richard Williams, Father Philip
Kojo Bomani Sababu, Haydee Beltran and Larry Giddings. Also targeted
muslims. These actions were the results of orders that originated in
the US
Department of Justice and came through the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Anonymous Comrade writes: "In today's Manchester Guardian Duncan Campbell, security specialist and author of the dossier on Echelon for the Europen Parliament, reports that the Pentagon has spent millions of dollars in an exclusive contract with satellite operators Space Imaging. The purpose of the contract is to give the US government exclusive control over satellite photographs produced of the attacks on Afghanistan. Space Imaging's images are of sufficient resolution to allow one to see bodies on the ground after attacks.

There is speculation that the deal was done commercially rather than by using state muscle so as to preclude the possibility of first amendment challenge by news organisations.

Apparently, the decision to close the contract was made after last thursday's disastrous strikes in Jalalabad which killed numerous civilians.

Other than towards attaining its censorious aims the US military and government has no need for the images available from Space Imaging, seeing as they already have four satellites capable of taking pictures at an even higher resolution.The only other source for comparable iamges seems to be the Russian Cosmos system who are not at present offering the service commercially."

jim writes: "Police thwart initial effort by protest to shut down Toronto's financial area


TORONTO (CP) - Police said they seized the materials for making Molotov
cocktails and arrested at least a dozen people early Tuesday as they sought to
stop a plan by anti-poverty protesters to shut down the city's financial

Several hundred police officers holding batons and body shields made a human
wall to block protesters at several intersections throughout the city. The
demonstration, organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, appeared to
have failed in its objective as workers trickled into office buildings for 9
a.m. start times.

jim writes: "DEA Bans Consumption of Hemp Foods Effective Immediately

In the latest move in the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) quixotic crusade against cannabis in any form, the agency has published administrative rules that effectively ban the consumption of food products containing hemp oil, hemp seed, or any other product containing any quantity of THC -- no matter how miniscule. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, but is found in only low concentrations in cannabis plants bred to produce hemp. A common formulation for gauging the consciousness-altering capacity of hemp is "you'd have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole to get high."

http://wired.com/news/conflict/0,2100,47552,00.htm l

RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC

By Declan McCullagh

2:00 a.m. Oct. 15, 2001 PDT    

WASHINGTON -- Look out, music pirates: The recording industry wants the right to hack into your computer and delete your stolen MP3s.

It's no joke. Lobbyists for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) tried to glue this hacking-authorization amendment onto a mammoth anti-terrorism bill that Congress approved last week.

An RIAA-drafted amendment according to a draft obtained by Wired News would immunize all copyright holders -- including the movie and e-book industry -- for any data losses caused by their hacking efforts or other computer intrusions "that are reasonably intended to impede or prevent" electronic piracy.

Full Story is at http://wired.com/news/conflict/0,2100,47552,00.htm l

NBC Worker Tests Positive for Anthrax

An employee of NBC in New York has tested positive for anthrax, the network said Friday. The FBI (news - web sites) and CDC are investigating.

The anthrax is not the same respiratory anthrax that killed a Florida man, NBC News said in a statement.

The network said it had received some suspicious mail and immediately contacted the FBI, CDC and the New York Department of Health.

``The mail was tested by these organizations, and the employee was treated by several physicians. All these tests came back negative,'' said the NBC statement. ``However, this morning, a later test on the employee came back positive for traces of cutaneous anthrax.''


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