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Canadian Anarchists Organizing To Halt Security Fair By Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun

A local anarchist group is threatening to shut down a massive security and technology fair in Ottawa, but police are keeping a close eye on their plans.

The CANSEC event, which is in its 10th year, is described as a "gathering of war profiteers" by protesters.

The Network to Oppose War and Racism and the PGA Bloc Ottawa are teaming up in an attempt to thwart the exhibition, which is being held at the Ottawa Congress Centre on Wednesday and Thursday.

Anti-War Protesters Close Down Recruiting Center in Twin Cities By Zac Farber, http://tinyurl.com/3m5cnv

Eight Macalester students lashed themselves together with PVC pipes fortified by duct tape and chicken wire while two students used U-shaped bike locks to fasten their necks to the entrances of army and navy recruiting centers on Washington Avenue near the University of Minnesota campus.

Mugabe Said to Be Negotiating Possible Exit By THE NEW YORK TIMES

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Advisers to President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe are in talks with the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, amid signs that Mr. Mugabe may be preparing to resign, a Western diplomatic source and a prominent Zimbabwe political analyst said Tuesday. The negotiations about a possible transfer of power away from Mr. Mugabe come after he apparently concluded that a runoff election would be demeaning, a diplomat said.

Jules Dassin, Filmmaker on Blacklist, Dies at 96 By Richard Severo, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/01/movies/01dassin.html?ei=5070&en=b71f41...

Jules Dassin, an American director, screenwriter and actor who found success making movies in Europe after he was blacklisted in the United States because of his earlier ties to the Communist Party, died Monday in Athens, where he had lived since the 1970s. He was 96.

A spokeswoman for Hygeia Hospital confirmed his death but did not give a cause, The Associated Press reported.


Yesterday all charges against the Kennedy 6 were dropped just over a year after the men were first arrested.

The basic chronology of events is as follows:

The Kennedy 6 were arrested on a clearly trumped up murder charge on 21 March 2007 after a well known criminal died in police custody. While in custody they were assaulted and an attempt was made, by Senior Superintendent Glen Nayager, to force them to chant anti-Abahlali slogans. They refused.

23 Polish Antimilitarist Activists Violently Arrested From Krzysztof Krol

23 Polish antimilitarist activists were violently arrested on Sunday (30/03/2008) at a private flat of one of them morning after coming back from a demonstration after-party in Slupsk in nothern Poland.

New York City Subpoenas Creator of Text Messaging Code By COLIN MOYNIHAN, New York Times

When delegates to the Republican National Convention assembled in New York in August 2004, the streets and sidewalks near Union Square and Madison Square Garden filled with demonstrators. Police officers in helmets formed barriers by stretching orange netting across intersections. Hordes of bicyclists participated in rolling protests through nighttime streets, and helicopters hovered overhead.

The Police & Abahlali baseMjondolo

A List of Key Incidents of Police Harassment Suffered by Abahlali baseMjondolo (2005-2007) - compiled by Stephanie Lynch and Zodwa Nsibande

The "Marxist-Humanist Tendency" has publicized a crisis in News and Letters Committees. By posting their statement on international Leftist websites without the response made by the majority of the organization, they tell one side of the story to garner favor with activists. Below, I am posting the News and Letters Committees response.

--Youth columnist Brown Douglas

Setting the Historic Record Straight

March 14, 2008 Dear Friends:

Crisis From Internal Split in News & Letters Committees

Statement from the Marxist-Humanist Tendency of News and Letters Committees - March, 2008

Dear Friends,

We are writing to alert all readers and friends of a serious crisis afflicting News and Letters Committees (N&LC)—a crisis that places its very existence in jeopardy.


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